G923 settings on FM7 with X Box

Is anyone willing to share their setting of the G923 wheel in FM7 on X Box 1. I have having an almost impossible time controlling any car with this wheel. Over and understeer are a real issue and the cars just are not very realistic in their behavior. Any insight would be massively appreciated.

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Hi David550xi,

I’m using the Logitech G923 as well and as you had to fiddle and tweak with the settings to make the cars contollable. I’ve found that so far the below settings work best for me:

All deadzone insides are set to 0 except decelaration, that’s set to 5.
Steering and acceleration and decelaration deadzones outside are set to 80.
Clutch deadzone outside is set to 70.

Vibration scale = 40
Force Feedback Scale = 100
Aligning Torque = 150
Mechanical Trail = 100
Pneumatic Trail = 120
Road Feel Scale = 80
Load Sensitivity = 100
Wheel Damper Scale = 100
Center Spring Scale = 20
Dynamic Damper Behavior = 50
Wheel Rotation Angle = 460
Steering Linearity = 45

I hope these settings will work for you as well, or at the very least give you a solid starting point to tweak to your personal preferance.


You need to invert force feed back direction for the steering axis.

How is possible to invert it? I’m using it on xbox x, and I don’t have that option. Also weel keep slapping from side to side and I can’t keep the car sliding, as soon the car start to slide, I can’t control the car position, cause seems to me the center it’s not very precise, so even if i countersteer it’s look like i’m doing nothing on the weel

Any updates here? Old post I know. I’m having same issue keep trying to play w settings, would like it to feel life like as possible. Vibration function is annoying and rattles the table and floor so I turn it off. Cars easy to spin out and hard to control.

The stiffer feel felt more comfortable and smoother when running wot near the wall say Daytona. Gona try some other tracks and hairpins. Thanks for sharing