G27 FFB setup (how to make it not SUCK) ENJOY!

So many of you have the G27 wheel and pedals as I do no doubt.


Logitech profiler settings are as follows:
(These aren’t the exact names but you should understand)

Overall strength around 125
Spring: 80
Dampening: 80

Springcenter enabled and about 5% me reason for this is to help with the Dead ffb when near 0 deg of rotation.

Steering max degrees 570 or so.( This is important) 900 deg doesn’t really match up in this game and make it handle bad imo. Any lower deg and it’s way to twitchy


VIBRATION OFF!!! Unless u like a rattle toy haha it will mess with your handling as well I find especially drifting.
Ffb strength to around 80

Make your own keybindings to set up the wheel in game maybe use a dry erase markers on the wheel until u learn the button numbers.



Check out YouTube for the tutorial on how to solder the wires…

It took me less then an hour and I used the trigger off an old paintball gun for the switch so it cost me nothing.

You’ll need solder and some wire , a switch and some patience.

Let me tell you the drifting it allows me to do is crazy!!!


I can’t get wingman to select forza exe as it’s locked.

There is a workaround for this. Create a shortcut by right clicking on the application from the start menu and select “pin to start”. The shortcut will be in the top level start menu (to the right) and then can be dragged to a folder of your choice (I would suggest an easy location…I used D:\games and renamed it FH3).

Here comes the tricky part. Open up notepad and create a file that has nothing but the word ‘start’ and then the path. my file looked like this
start D:\games\FH3.lnk
The shortcut has a suffix of .lnk that you cannot see but needs to be typed here. go to file → save as… On this screen set “Save as type” to “All Files” and select your name adding a .bat to the end of it (example FH3.bat ).

This .bat file can be used in the Logitech Profiler the same way you usually use a .exe.

I hope this helps, it’s not as intimidating as it looks. Good luck