Full Skill perks and auctioning cars

It was said that all skill perks learned for cars would transfer. Why isnt that information available for auctioning cars?

Also, I would have thought that a fully leveled car would auction for a bit more than an un-perked car. This is not the case, so why should I work toward leveling perks for a car and then auction it off?

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The strategy in this case might be to put up a thread in the Seller’s Marketplace subforum describing the Perks available for the car you’re selling. In game you might try putting that information into a vinyl on the car.

While putting that on a vinyl is a good idea, the buyer would then want to take it off at some point which would remove the entire design I did. That shouldnt be like this.

So for now, I guess someone will eventually pick up my auction for the FE Peugeot I did, full perks, and painted…for the same price one can get without perks.

Perhaps they should add in an added information line so it would tell how many perks are bought from the car. This would get more people to do this.

But, thanks for the help Manteomax.

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Yeah this is pretty ridiculous. A bunch of us were talking about it in a group last night. You can’t find any information on the vehicle you’re purchasing at all. If it’s been upgraded and has a higher PI score you have no idea what parts they put into it. And I agree anytime a car has been upgraded either with vehicle add-ons or perks it should have a different value system that it’s allowed to be set too.

Anytime you buy a car at a real auction they would disclose all of the upgrades and restoration etc. that had been done to the vehicle (like Barrett-Jackson, I realize salvage auctions don’t disclose anything). Sure, this is a lot of extra data on their servers and requires some UI add-ons. But come on you guys, take a little development time and help out the auction house.

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In many cases, a fully leveled car is worth less to the buyer. Which is an argument in favour of the information being available.

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Not all perks do transfer
Take the lambo miura
One of the perks is to get a lambo FE
You buy a lambo miura on the auction house you do not get that lambo FE as many people have found out


You get the perk, you just don’t get the car. That’s why people want the car wich is why it should be less value because it’s used up the perk that people want. There should definately be at least a number displayed of how many perks are on the car. Like if it said 8/16 perks people would know someone used it just to get to the car or cash that the car offers


Yep so you actually dont get the perk because its already been used

So yep should show it in the auction what has been used and what not
As well as show what cars you already own like in fm7…which for some reason has disappeared in fh4

I suggested that we can buy perk reset token to use on cars that we don’t previous own and can be used once per car


This is simply not possible because of the Game Design on many cars giving good rewards.

For example what should this perk cost on an Miura where you reset it and get a Reventon and sell it for 1 million.

Earning car perks is so easy in this game. By just driving Goliath for 12 Laps with the Zonda FE i get approx 200 Points. Or just the see the Video of DJS on youtube. (600 SKill Points an hour)

I purchased a Lamborghini Miura P400
Because on the skill tree, there is a place to get Reventon FE, I got a good deal on the car so bought it, but skills were all filled out including the Revention FE car perk

I noticed when I checked on a few others I bought in the auction hows that had cars on the top of the Skill Tree, also… previously redeemed.

Is there anyway to tell before buying in the auction house? I can’t seem to find away, guess caveat emptor?


Yep I ran into this same issue when trying to go for the Nissan GT-R car unlock perk. Payed a ton of money for a car only to realize it’s perks were already filled. Now the car is useless to me and I hate to sell it to someone without them knowing what’s up,don’t want them to get screwed like I did.


Wait what? Skill points transfer with cars?
So does the Forza Hub stat for cars with maximum masteries mean you can just buy cars others have levelled in the auction house? That seems a much easier option than the mountain of points needed to do it yourself.

The downside is that several perks on a car (especially the valuable ones) are single-use rewards for skill points, wheelspins, and even credits.

Someone else unlocking all the perks to the car you just bought at auction means someone else cashed in on those rewards.

Win cars are back.

Great, just great.

This is one of the main reasons I’d like to see the auction house set on fire. Then shot. Then stabbed. Then trampled underfoot and set on fire again.


LoL! Not a fan of the AH then Hieronymous? :laughing:

We’d have to agree to disagree on that one - for all it’s possible faults, it’s served me very well in acquiring CRs for giveaways - but aside from that, I’m not familiar with the term ‘Win Car’… what’s that mean mate?

We hates it.

Back in FM2, people would grind short race after short race to rack up wins on a car as that number would be visible in the car’s history. Enterprising aspiring used car salesmen would then hawk those cars in the auction house as ‘win cars’ painting the number of wins on the side of the car so it was visible when viewing the auction. Not-so-smart people paid huge sums of credits for these cars thinking, and I can’t believe I’m actually giving voice to thought by typing this, that this particular pretend car was somehow more likely to win more pretend races than a pretend car bought new from the game because of its established history of winning pretend races against other pretend cars. Yes, people were this gullible and it pains me deeply to remember them at all.

Fast forward to FM3 and car history was removed but that wasn’t going to dissuade our budding entrepreneurs. No, they’d continue to paint the number of supposed wins on the sides of their cars and auction them for huge sums but now, with no visible car history, the pretend car now could just have pretend wins. Double-plus dodgy.

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Wow I totally forgot about this tactic, that is so hilarious. I remember that being out of control for a while. That being said, real cars that win races and are retired do auction for crazy high prices . Especially if they won something major like Le Mans. although most of those get bought out by the museums and the actual race drivers for personal collections.

Aah, I vaguely remember.… :thinking: yeah there was a LOT of dodgy dealings going on back then (and I won’t bring them back by typing them either, LoL!)