FTC | TheRandomDude19's Gallery | 04/08 | Silvia S13

Hey guys, I’m happy to say that after a good while away from the forums I’m finally back here with the release of FM6 :slight_smile:

Been a while since I’ve uploaded pics here so I hope everything goes well :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s just jump straight into it with two shoots :wink:

BMW M4 Coupé@Bernese Alps

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII MR@Monza

As I used to say, feedback is always welcome :wink:

Edit: What is up with all the noise on the pics when sharing from flickr? Makes them look so bad :confused:
Edit 2: I just figured it out, I have to share a full res link. Not 800x450 :stuck_out_tongue:

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Welcome back :slight_smile: I really like the last two of the M4 and this -

is great!

Welcome back dude! :slight_smile:
Great shot, but BMW set awesome! :slight_smile:

Love the second last picture of the Evo and the BMW set is sweet!

Welcome back man! Great start to the new game :slight_smile: I really really like the first and last two M4 photos!

Thank you very much guys for the positive feedback, feels good to be back. Should be another set up today or tomorrow :wink:

Two Teasers for two upcoming shoots :wink:

I’m amazed by these. well done.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Looking forward to more! Love those two :slight_smile:

It looks like someone is a bit early for halloweeen.

Well I kinda forgot to upload the shoots, but here they are :wink:

Koenigsegg Agera@Spa

Jaguar F-Type R@Laguna Seca

In additon to these I took the Volvo Amazon and Caparo T1 for a spin :wink:

Volvo Amazon@Lime Rock

Caparo T1@TGTT

Hope you enjoyed and sorry for the late update!

^Love those!

Thanks man!

I’m going to very blunt about this but you have too many centered and generic shots. I’ve seen you do better in the past.

Tbh I’m very happy to hear this, I needed to have someone put me back in my spot. I will definetly think about that the next time :wink:

Digging the M4 shots and the Jag badge shot :slight_smile:

Beautiful shots Dude, especially of the Agera!

Thanks guys! :smiley:

Looking good! Just remember the rule-of-thirds :wink: