FrenchFries01 Gallery of Pics II 9/11



Out of all the shots my favourite has to be shot 1.

Nice work on that vertical shot of the DBS!

^^ I agree! That’s a money shot!

//Poetry in Motion\

(Not a serious set)

The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th shots are my favorites!!!

So I know I may be a bit late, but i finally got the Porche Expansion!

//Poster Child\

So my new pics will most likely contain mostly Porches for a bit.

This is my favorite one

Gotta agree with Korniis, great atmosphere in that shot!

+1 Nice work.

+1 again!


So i havent been able to post an update, i just havent had time. It was my birthday and its finals time. And any time i do have to play xbox i have been playing nfs 2015. I will probly update at the end of the week

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I’m a bit late but Happy Birthday!

Thanks. My xbox messed up and forza got deleted and it wont reinstall so i will try to figure that out

That sucks man… Hope it gets fixed soon!!

your shots are epic

I know this is late but here is the photos i took when i got the porche pack. I set a goal for myself where all my new pictures would have the watermark removed to give a cleaner look. I also went back and remastered a majority of my old photos and will try to continue to do so.
Its been a while since i posted but i should be able to post my backlog until i get forza fixed.

Thanks to everyone for the compliments.

//German Engineering\

Can’t some cars ever get away from the paparazzi and have a bit of peace every so often.

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Haha, no they can never hide