FRDT xXShOGuNXx/36th Chambers Of Forzatography

36th Chambers Of Forzatography


this is a beautiful shot, keep it up mate!

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This one really stood out to me as well, beautiful detail here

As always, incredibly work!

I really the way the cars pop out of the scenery in these!

Shots 6 and 14 are just damn perfection! Stick them up in a frame and hang them on your wall!

The closeup shots and the Jimmy shots are excellent!

thanks everyone :wink:

Absolutely loving the Alpine and the Mazda shots! Keep it up

These two really stood out to me, great shots mate!

The Unimog isn’t a car I ever see in photos, so it’s nice to see you giving it some love. A stunning photo too I must add but that’s to be expected when venturing into your gallery.

These two just jumped off the page for me. Really well done.

Great set, that second RX7 shot works incredibly with your style!

First shot is super clean, love it. Gauge shot is incredible as well

Love the creativity of the Porsche 918 shot and the last Aventador? shot is also great!

The ones that jumped out at me are the close up shots of the red car with the raindrops. Really good detail and focusing.

Another solid set, those last two are next level though!

“pour suivre” :wink: