FrenchFries01 Gallery of Pics II 9/11

I like the second shot!

Nice shots FF!

Love that shot of the Cayman. :slight_smile:

I hope we will get to see a new update within the next few months.

I never got forza back so i have completely fallen off. I will definitely be back with fh3 tho

this one is my fave

The Return?

FH3 demo possibly launches today and im hyped. Finally got 6 back on the xbox so thats good too.

Do you think you will still visit Forza Motorsport 6’s photomode from time to time after the first month of FH3 being released.

Yes absolutely. I still enjoy circuit racing and such and i enjoy taking photos in it aswell. I still feel like i havent fully played the game yet so i will definitaly play it still.

Fh3 demo was super fun. Photo mode seemed good with the addition of moveable watermarks. The new drone mode also seems like it will make for great fan created cinematics.

Really nice shot. Looking forward to your FH3 shots!

Thanks NV