Free 3d model for everyone

Hello can someone please help me
I have a 3d model of buick riviera 1966 can you help me to find out who can add it to forza horizan 4?

You can contact the developers through Forza Support, but unless you’re the owner of the brand, they’ll have to do their own licensing before they can add it to the game.

See: FAQ: How are cars added and why are some left out of the game?

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Thank you
But I think they have buick cars on forza horizan 4 and I have a 3d model of buick riviera 1966 can you call them please if OK I will send you the model

I don’t think they’re going to accept a third party produced asset unless it’s commissioned or actively sourced by the developers. There’s a number of legal reasons for this; one being they must be able to verify the provider does own the rights to the work, another is working out the specifics of the licensing which can involve multiple parties.

Then there’s a lot of work involved in adapting the 3D model for the game. Obviously the whole driving model needs to be created, which is a big undertaking.

But the 3D model must also be adapted for use in the game, such as reducing its complexity to the various levels of detail the game needs, which involves a lot of manual remodeling. Texturing and assigning material shaders to different parts of the car can also take a lot of work, especially if a new material shader needs to be created. All moving parts of the car must be rigged and the 3D model must work together with the physics model.

Audio must be added, preferably with original sounds or at least sufficient quality recordings for reference in recreating an approximation using existing sounds.

If you’ve created a 3D model yourself, I think you should focus on creating own work featuring it, where you’re in control of it coming to good use. :slightly_smiling_face: