Framerate problems on forza apex

when i launch a race , the introducing cinematic of my car have small jumps when it arrive to the pit stop, that do not exist on my xbox one, and the game is less fluid too!
am I the only one, and what can I do? (After a while, it hurts the eyes)
thank you very much !!!

What’s your config? Can be RAM. I had this problem with 8GB RAM. I put more 8GB and solved

Without knowing the system specs of your PC there is no way we can know what the problem might be. What are you CPU, GPU, RAM, HDD etc?

my config is :
intel core i7
4 ghz
intel Z170 express
ram ddr4 16 go 3000mhz
nvidia gforce GTX 970 4GO
BUT, i had not any place on my ssd 240 go and i installed forza apex on my HDD 2 to !!!
could it be the problem ?


To avoid the 30fps lock it seems to have on replays and starting a race. Change the dynamic option to 60fps in graphic settings. I get the little jumps you mention sometimes if my Nvidia card is not set to “adaptive” or “maximum performance” on the setting page in your Nvidia control panel. It’s the first setting in the list that seems to cause the problem for me, but I can’t remember the name of it. Once these were changed my framerate is pretty much a constant 60fps at 4k with all settings maxed out. Looks incredible.

I have a similar system to yours, but an i5 CPU and mine runs fine until the memory leak kicks in. I have mine running from an SSD too. But that shouldn’t make that much difference when you have 16GB RAM. Maybe you have anti-virus running in the background or something?
What settings is the game running at?

Make sure your monitor/screen is running at 60fps

My tv was set to 50fps, and this caused jerks when playing this game becasue it only renders at 30 or 60 fps, for now at least.

As soon as I changed my desktop/tv settings to 60fps, the game ran smoothly