Fps drop and audio stuttering

Just curious if anyone has actually found a working solution for this problem?

Game will drop to 20-30fps gpu %30 while audio is stuttering every minute or so, then return to running normal again until it does it again a minute later.

Submitted a ticket and ran through all the fixes with support but to no avail. No fault of his, he was very attentive and driven to find the solution like myself.

Tried changing audio bitrates, turning off sound enhancements, rolling back video driver, disabling AV, trying spatial audio both on and off, updating and rolling back audio driver, testing different audio devices and inputs, testing with geforce experience installed and not installed, disabling game mode, playing offline, ensuring no background processes are running, performing a UWP reset, reinstalling the game, reinstalling windows and finally cleaning/rebuilding the pc itself.

I am desperate to start enjoying this game as intended but it seems that I will need to wait for an update as the problem seems to be a part of the game itself?

Can run other games with no issues including fh3. Even benchmarking programs run great with no issues.

So has anyone figured out a fix?
Thanks in advance.

Win10 64bit
Amd 8350fx
16gb ddr4
1tb sshd
1050ti 4gb

I’ve got the same issue, seems like most people using AMD or older gen intel cpus are also suffering from these issues, my computer is by no means low end. I can run ultra, then horrid drops that weren’t happening months ago. No one has responded to me either, i guess it’s never their problem, but always ours (in reality it’s not). Sadly, i’ve tried a lot of options, and still nothing works.

Thanks for the input, appreciated. I hope there is a solution for this soon. Trying to play fh4 is very very frustrating with it constantly bugging like this. I honestly don’t know how they can charge so much for a bad port and not actually get onto fixing an issue that has clearly been ongoing for quite sometime.