FPS Counter for Windows 10 ?

i would really like to have an fps counter for motorsport 7 windows 10, would be nice if u could make it an option to put on or not :slight_smile:

Rivatuner works fine. Just tested it. The game is ridiculously easy to run.

Hm…what resolution and quality are you running?
Got rig specs?

I ran the benchmark, all ultra, 2580*1080, my 1080 and i7 6700 can pull a 90fps average. that is amazing, I am not even sure horizon can do 90 average.

The open world of Horizon is more taxing than one loaded track. Apex at 4k fully ultra I get over 100fps. On Horizon with the same settings I get 50. On this one I get locked 60 at 4k ultra, 100% resolution scale with 8x AA and 4x MSAA. With some future optimisation, if it comes, I should be able to push it harder on the resolution scale and still get locked 60.

Even my RX 480 and i5 4690K can handle 4K fine with it nearly maxed.

I’d really like a fps counter, it’s probably on T10’s to do list right after fixing the VIP rewards backlash.