#Forzathon Daily Challenge "Transit Flight" cannot be done with any Ford Transit (only with 2011)

The Forzathon Daily “Transit Flight” cannot be done with the Ford Supervan 3 despite it says “any Ford Transit” in the description. It can be done with the Ford Transit Supersportvan though.

If it could be done with the other two Ford Transits in the game (Ford Supervan 4, Ford Supervan 3 Donut Media Edition) I could not test because it can only be done once.

Playing on XSX.

Same here, 3 starred in the DME version (~2100 feet) , on PC. Will not complete the daily.

Since Supervans don’t have ‘Transit’ in the their name, they do not count as Transits. I tried three different Supervans until I realized this.

Yes, I’m fully aware that in real life Supervans are Transits. Sort of…


Says you got 3 stars ya but hover your curser over the danger sigh info. You actually need 1750! Kinda crazy for a ford transit. What model are people doing this in?

I tuned the 2011 Transit to the max and cleared it comfortably.

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So you are obviously more aware that these all are Transits than the average person at PG who is creating these tasks.

We are just talking about a car game… unbelievable!

Of course they all are Transits! They have their Transit name signs on the back of the car.

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Did anyone found a tune for the 1965 Ford Transit to do this? I don’t have a 2011 Ford Transit, and I can’t find them on Auction House or Autoshow

The 2011 Ford Transit Supersportvan is in the autoshow and it`s placed just below the orange 2011 Ford F150 Raptor and just beside the light blue Shelby GT500.
In the auction house, it can be found under the name : Ford Transit SSV
Ford Transit SuperSportVan | Forza Wiki | Fandom

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IMO they should change it. The Supervan is a Transit. I tuned it up to the max and spent spent a bunch of credits too!

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XBox 1s I have tried all of the Transit vans and have received the 3 stars. Nowhere does it say that you have to jump 1750 feet…It’s silly as I have been looking everywhere as to why I am not completing the challenge. I have re-started the game 5 times trying different things and of course this game takes a long time to restart. It’s frustrating in that respect. Someone suggested to disable the ‘quick restart’ does anybody know what that is?

This is getting Loco, I upgraded a 1994 Ford super van 3 spent $64000 and achieved 1819 feet and 1864 feet and I still did not get the challenge. I don’t understand why this is happening and everyone else is completing the task…

Supervan 3 is not a Transit. Have a look at any Ford van that has the name “Transit” in the title. I think there are only 2 vehicles to choose from.

Get in the Supervan and look at its butt. What’s that on its butt? Oh, it says “Transit”. There’s even a giant honking decal celebrating “40 years of TRANSIT”. Or how about the Wikipedia page:

where the car is captioned “1994 Ford Transit Supervan 3”. If they left “Transit” out of the name in game to save space, fine, but that doesn’t make it not a Transit.

It’s a Transit!


I know what it says. I’m talking about what it’s called when in the car names when you change cars. Even though it is a Transit, the name doesn’t have Transit in the menu. This is an age old issue with pre FH5.

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