Forzathon 2017 nsx

I completed the challenge to complete a race in the 2017 nsx and go at least 199mph and did it twice and it’s still showing up as an incomplete challenge anyone know what to do??

I had to get ~225mph for this achievement to unlock.

Make sure you are NOT using the Forza Edition one…it does NOT count

I kept doing it over and over again,on Le sarthe without the chicanes,but it wouldnt unlock.Until i realised i was using the Acura NSX forza edition!lolBought the 2017 Acura NSX and the achievemnt for the forzathon popped up first time,topped out at about 205mph i think.

How Do you achieve 199 mph (321 kph) with a Car that runs only around 308 kph? I tried to Do IT with the help other cars (slipstream) and only achieved 314 kph which was not sufficient (I did it also in LeMans with out the chicanes) . Then I upgraded my Car and ran 360 kph. Still the achievement was Not unlocked. Is Therme something special which I should Do and what I should Not Do?

Make sure you are using the correct version of the car…Not the Forza Edition…as per the posts immediately before yours

You must be sure than your race is “Any category” in race configuration. With this option, you´ll be able to upgrade the NSX up to S, R or P grade and finally, youu´ll pass this little step to your Ford GT.

Good luck

I got a feeling that it might be caused by a connection problems that FM7 is encountering for some time.

I won a race in a Chevy a few minutes ago and guess what? Achievement is locked :).

EDIT: I took a wrong car :frowning:

Can the car be modified? I don’t think it’s possible to go that fast with stock one.

Selfanswering - yes it can.

Yes.Add an adjustable race transmission and a few extra horse power and your good to go.

Hi Guys,
i also tried to achieve that quest. First strange thing i’ve recognized was wile i bought the 17’ Acura and by agreeing to buy, Forza shows the name “16’ Acura” (see pictures attached).
Does anybody has the same strange behavior?
I ran about 201 mph in LeMans and did not get a achievement…

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I noticed this as well, I thought this might be affecting the whole issue. Far too many attempts & retries I knew I needed to come here. I have been using the 2017 FE Acura NSX - which seems to be my bump in the forzathon as mentioned. The FE version is all I have atm but now that I have read up on this feed, I’m at it once more, guess it’s time to build up a 2nd one. Not bothered by this, though I might attempt Le Mans blindfolded. Thank you all.

Knee Hi Havoc - unless you particularly like running Le Mans - under free play change the options to Drag and use the 1 mile drag strip - a lot quicker and easier. I did this following a suggestion from another forum member (thanks Joe).

I found this thread Googling this issue and just wanted to say I’m also stuck here! I don’t have access to the Forza edition, and I’ve ran Le Mans a couple of times hitting 205 mph.

Ok, I fully upgraded the NSX to P class and got to 228 mph. Challenge complete!