How do I go 199 MPH in a 2017 Acura NSX?!

I’ve driven this car to its limit on the Le Mans Old Mulsanne Circuit, and the fastest I can go is 190. It just doesn’t seem possible to get it to go any faster. No track has a straightaway long enough.

Go to the test track one mile drag strip … before you do add the race cam and race turbos … or any other power you want as well under division set it to any … over 200 ez that’s one way to do it and have it done very quickly

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Are you asking for 200 MPH on any track and not for a specific build?
Or do you want to use this car in a race?

This is for the Forzathon Challenge

R900 Build (810 HP, 2977 lbs) = All RACE Engine, except NO Cams upgrade or Intercooler, All Race P&H w/NO Cage, Race Trans/DL/Diff, Race Comp, Max F/R, lightest rims (R21"), F/R aero

Tune with Min/Min aero

Hope this helps!


you could upgrade the car so itll go faster

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1 Mile Drag Test Airfield
Upgrade everything to the max.
Don’t add Rollcage.
Drag Tires max with any light rim.
Aero to Minimum.Dont bother with Engine/Drivetrain swap.
I did no other tuning

Top Speed 230.6 Mph but I got 219 Mph 22.022 seconds.

I’ve done 5 races now and it’s not giving me it :\

Can’t do it in a Forza edition?

That is correct … the forza edition will not work for this event