Hi I have the forza6 limited console which came with the game…The game is cool. Ive been playing the game on multiplayer hard butt ive noticed that in multiplayer it list just about every race class there is accept 1 there one race class that you cant race on multiplayer and that class is the p class i and my friends who have the game cant race cars like the mazda 787b or bmw lmr or 2006 auldi r8 those are all pclass listed cars in the forza6 game butt what good is it listing those cars if there is no pclass racing in multiplayer… I know the game is still new butt i hope that turn 10 well put the p class in the multiplayer so that me and my online friends can race our favorite cars.

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No C class hopper as well.

Race private lobbies with your friends you can play any class and track you want

multiplayer game types change frequently. it will get added eventually.

There have been many hopper changes in the last week, adding new classes, new leagues, etc. Safe bet they will update again, sooner rather than later.