Forza, y u no freeway blast?

Am I missing something in the monthly rivals? Because they never put this race in the career mode tracks, it’s a shame that it isn’t included, one of the most popular tracks on FH1 and I can’t say it blame them.

Why not have a s2 freeway blast (hyper cars class only, eliminates Alfas and Lotus 11s) for say 6km, it seems there aren’t really many tracks you can even max out your speed which is a shame.

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Sounds like what you’re asking for is a drag race - they do have standing miles at the airport.

If it were really a freeway blast race shouldn’t it be a race like any other - all cars allowed, any class can be raced? Really, the highway could be utilized in minor portions for a race but the way it is set up and the limited amounts of on- and off- -ramps makes this more difficult.

Then there is private free roam where you can set your own routes, group routes, and basically do as you wish with friends or like-minded players. Set up your own race with a freeway blast.

Trying to figure out how to drag race online, is it a feature in Rivals mode?. Is this an actual official timed drag race you’re speaking of? or is it just where people meet in lobbies to drag unofficially?

There is no leaderboard or rivals race for drag racing but it is an official event in Free roam (both public and private). Head to the airport and on the east end - the one far opposite of the speed trap - is an event marker to begin a drag race.

If you do want what passes as an equivalent to the drag leaderboard, check the speed camera on the airport runway.

Not quite. In the first game there were a few twists and turns, making turning at 250mph a challenge, it was a long track and i rarely ever got to race it R1 class, I enjoyed R2 and R3 class freeway blast but it never really
Popped up a lot.

Problem is with the drag strip at the airport is you don’t have to use steering at all and it’s only a standing mile, not long enough for all top speed track. As for class, any class is good really but for a monthly rivals where they have to set the car class, then S1/S2 would be perfect I’d say.

Back in FH1, for online Freeway Blast on the R1 class was so OU, or overused if you don’t know. It was just a competition to see whose Bugatti EB110 was the fastest.

Follow PPiDrive’s advice, and you might strike gold.