Forza Turns 10 -- Community Stories

Hi folks,

As you might know, May 3 marked the ten-year anniversary of the original Forza Motorsport on Xbox. Ten years in any industry is a long time but, in the video game business, it’s definitely something worthy of celebration.

Reflecting on the ten-year anniversary of Forza Motorsport got me thinking about the last ten years of my own life; my career, the growth of my family, and other wonderful things. It also made me think of you guys: How has the Forza community grown over the past decade? What things have changed in your lives? How has Forza contributed to your lives over the past decade?

That’s what this thread is for.

I’d like to open this up as a space for members of the Forza community to share their personal stories on what ten years of Forza has meant to you. Pretty much anything goes. Maybe you’d like to write about your favorite Forza memory, the first time you played a Forza game, your all-time favorite car. Or something else entirely.

Share your memories below and, if you want, share a photo of yourself, your family, your car, whatever. We’ll show off some of our favorite responses in future editions of the Forza Motorsport Week in Review. In addition, we’re currently creating a special liveried gift car in Forza Motorsport 5 and Forza Horizon 2 that we’ll send as a gift car to our favorite storytellers here.

Thanks for making the past ten years so amazing and we look forward to the future!



Hi guys,
my favourite moment in Forza has to be when I finally managed to jump over Zone Industriale in my Ultima GTR and stuck the landing! (with a couple of barrel rolls :wink:
This series has always been there for me in my toughest times, and while I may still be a ‘rookie’ by other people’s standards, I don’t care. Here’s for another ten great years!

Wow, where has the time gone?
I remember playing the first Forza on the original Xbox and was blown away by the size of it…tracks, cars, upgrades. Unlike anything I had played before. i dont think it left the disk drive for months!!
One memory I always remember (so many I forget most of them) I was playing with my friend online with a room of others and we were racing on Sunset Speedway. We chose the Bentley Speed 8 and I didnt let on I downloaded a tune. The race started and I was slow off the grid, from 3rd to last, they all laughed at me, but not for long. After a lap I was in the lead by miles, and won the race, thanks to the high speed tune I had downloaded. Not had that in a game before, so I downloaded loads of tunes and made my life easier for racing.

I just love these games…so much to do. Racing, tuning, painting, taking photos…chilling with friends. I have a superb garage full of amazing paints made by great artists I keep going back to just to look at them. Works of art that should be on show.

Since Forza begain, we have had an addition to our family. Now 9, our Son is car mad. So we often load up Forza, have some fun seeing what upgrades we can make to our cars to make them look cool, slap some paint and odd shapes on them and then go racing in split screen mode. Usually ends in destruction derby!!

Thank you Forza for 10 great years, and many more to come.


In June of 2011, my back was broken in a motorcycle accident. It was the single most traumatic experience of my life. Thankfully, I was not paralyzed, and eventually made a full recovery, but I was forced to spend several months in bed. For the first couple of weeks, I had to remain completely horizontal. With assistance, I was minimally mobile, so I could bathe and use the restroom and eat, but when it wasn’t necessary for me to be up, I was to lie in bed. I listened to a lot of music as I stared at the ceiling or the inside of my eyelids, but the lack of variety of sensory input was becoming unbearable by the time I was able to lie in a reclined position.

Finally, I could sit partially upright. I asked my friend to arrange the television and Xbox directly at the foot of the bed. Over the following months of isolation, my Xbox provided countless hours of distraction. While I couldn’t really participate in the outside world, I was able to occupy myself in my alone time with my small library of games. My favorite among them: Forza Motorsport 3.

I’d been a racing simulation fan for years, but a busy and active life had kept gaming to a couple of hours per week activity. Now, with nowhere to go and nothing to do, I began to push myself to reduce my times, improve my techniques, experiment with tuning and painting. Because I had the time and ability to really focus on the intricacies of the game and its many facets, I found myself enjoying it so much more than I ever had before.

With all that available time, I began creating and recreating liveries and decals, specializing in logos, emblems, and license plates, paying spot-on homage to nations, companies both global and local, to friends and schools. I experimented with photography, using what I’d learned from classes in the real world to improve the visuals and scenes I captured in-game.

I was still in recovery when Forza 4 released in October of that year, and I simply carried my enthusiasm from the old game to the new.

For me, the summer of 2011 was difficult beyond description. One can’t really comprehend the effects that immobilization will have on one’s self unless one has experienced it. Fortunately we find comfort in the least expected places. While I’d hoped Forza would merely provide a distraction from my woes, it turned out to become the beginning of a cherished hobby that continues to this day. Forza did so much more than help me momentarily forget, it gave me hours upon hours of genuine enjoyment and happiness. Forza gave me the ability to create and engage, set goals, and achieve in a time when I otherwise would have been unable to. Forza carried me through that summer. It got me through months of painful isolation.

To this day, I’m astonished that a video game could have been such a major impact on my life, but I can honestly say that I’m not sure how I could have weathered those days without Forza.


Thank you for this amazing story! I’m glad you’re doing better and that Forza was able to play a small part in your recovery. Thanks again for sharing.

Back in 2008 marked the very first time playing Forza starting with Forza 2. One of my first cars was the Renault Clio '03, which was a pretty good hot hatch.

2011 was the time where I got heavily involved into Forza again after I stopped playing it for several years. I also tried out the Forza 3 demo, and enjoyed it very much, so I got the full game. My favorite cars I drove in that game were the 2009 Focus RS and the Abarth 500. I found Forza 4 to be interesting, so I got the LCE of Forza 4. I couldn’t forget playing career mode with my Mitsubishi Starion and the Ford Thunderbird. One more word: Autovista.

October 2012: I obtained Forza Horizon the day it was released and enjoyed it very much. The open world epicness and scenery was awesome, especially driving most of my cars around the environment.

Forza 5 was my next target in 2013, and like the other games, it was epic overall. The only thing is that I didn’t want the Buy Car selection to be wholly different. I liked it better when there was a selection of manufacturers you could choose from. Otherwise, good game.

Lastly, Forza Horizon 2. Enjoyed it so much on my first day of playing it. Open world was a lot better than Horizon 1, and barn finds were better, especially the Willys Jeep and VW Camper. What made this game more awesome were the expansion packs, which I played from. Storm Island was one where I was deeply interested in. I really dominated the dirt roads with my monstrous Ford Ranger Rally Raid. EXTREME OFFROAD, BABY!

The other expansion, which is a standalone, was epic. My top favorite car was the Wrangler Unlimited, and I even took an awesome photo with it.

My experience of Forza Motorsport and Horizon is eternally marvelous. Hands down. 11/10. Congratulations on your 10th year of Forza, Turn 10!

My first memory of Forza was annoyance. I had really enjoyed Midtown Madness 1 and 2 on the PC and was looking forward to the next installment when I read an article in a magazine about how the next game had been delayed due to some of the development team being reassigned to work on a game for Microsofts new secret project.

The secret project turned out to be the original XBox, the development team were named T10 and the game was Forza.

So I saved my hard earned cash and splashed out on a shiny new console and racing game. The console was of course XBox and the game was … Sega GT (you expected Forza ? I was still sore about Midtown Madness 3) Sega was a good game, better in some ways than Midtown and it was an introduction to sim track driving that wasnt PC based but Forza was getting rave reviews and so I decided to forgive T10 (Big of me) and give Forza a chance (luckily for me), cause while im stll waiting on Sega GT 2, Forza has went from strength to strength (albeit with the occasional heart attack moment) .

Some stand out moment memories over the years have been my introduction to the forums during FM2, the ingenious Willy Wonka comp back in FM2, Getting a Gearbox MSpeed after a long long night of drinking and waiting (again FM2), making it to the semis of an offical racing comp (nobody else showed up (I Still didnt win)), My first fantasy paint placement in an official painting comp and the few others since, my first photography placement , AB Graphics saying one of my first attempts at a racing style paint wasnt bad (high praise indeed).

Since then there have been many friends met ,many good times, fun times and lots and lots and lots just plain ridiculous times (Long may they continue)

Happy 10th Birthday Forza.


I started with FM2,before that I had been playing the NFS games. I seen a used copy of FM2 at GameStop so I bought it. At first I wondered what the hell I had gotten myself into,i keep flying of the track,spinning out you name it. Then I read in the book in the case about how you could not brake and turn at the same time,same with giving it gas and turning. So FM2 taught me proper racing,i got better and better and then sold all my NFS games,they seemed fake after FM2. My favorite car was the Audi LMP car,loved that sound.I do not remember how many Sidewinder ribbons there were but there was a lot of them. To this day FM2 is my favorite and I thank T10 for making the game,Happy 10th anniversary!! I have bought all the Forzas since FM2 including FH and FH2. I am 57 years old and have gotten my grandson into Forza,he is 10 now and started when he was 6, I have to watch myself playing him or he will beat me,anyways my legacy will live on through him. I can only imagine the Forzas he will be playing when he is 57!!


I was a Gran Turismo player, and when I first got my xbox I saw Forza and didn’t buy it because I thought there is no way it is better then GT. Man was I wrong. I still play GT but Forza is what I play the most and I can’t wait for Forza 6. Happy 10th Birthday Forza

I do not believe that already spent 10 years.
Congratulations Turn 10 for the great game, I love from Forza 2, but I have a complete collection. including limited editions
I’m kind of sad for not having some unicorns Foza2 and forza3, but that’s life!
My best game is without doubt the forza3, it was a graphic revolution and optimal simulation. I will never forget it. That’s where my passion for the franchise increased from amazing shape. Today I have an Xbox One because of Forza, for it is she who makes me buy the Xbox, it’s my system seller.
I’m from Brazil, I love cars, i love FORZA

My only photo in forza2, the other I missed in server

I spent hours in the photo mode of forza3, days in the championships, years with friends, how I love the Forza 3.

Forza 4 was another incredible revolution, came to confirm my passion, great game, fun multiplayer, gifts and beautiful unicorns

This is my history with the franchise Forza


I played FM1 for the original Xbox but wasn’t on Xbox live at the time, didn’t have broadband back then, weird to think that broadband wasn’t all that big when I started playing these games.

A friend gave me FM2 for my birthday back in 2007, I’d caught up (a little bit at least) with the digital revolution so had both broadband and Xboxlive by then. Still wasn’t comfortable with the idea of playing online with complete strangers - where was the fun in that?

The AH on FM2 intrigued me though, kept coming across these wonderful designs, some not so wonderful as it turned out (spam). However searching the internet, possibly not google in those days believe it or not lol, I found the forums. I also found a whole new level of design on here and people who talked about how they’d made them, shared ideas and tips.

It was a revelation. I started painting, the forums in those days were a completely different animal, the sheer number of posts daily was something else.

I made a lot of friends and that was really the beginning of my forza journey.

I both adopted and was adopted by the Fantasy section of the forums, that was the first thing I checked when I got in from work - no smartphones at this time, so you used to spend a good hour on an evening just catching up on the days events on the forums.

The Crumpets have to get a mention, if you weren’t there, well it’s a bit like that old movie cliche - ‘you weren’t there man, you don’t know’.

Oh god, last man standing, that takes me back just thinking about it.

I’ve even been fortunate enough to meet some of the guys/ gals from the forums in person and share a beer and some laughs.

Forza + the community have been awesome to me over the years, I can’t say it any more plainly than that. If I started to name GT’s I’d be here all night, seriously, so I’m resisting the temptation.

I’m hoping you all know who you are.

All I can say is thanks


In the '80s I had all the iconic car posters on my wall, I subscribed to Road & Track’s Exotic Cars magazine, and I visited the New York Auto Show annually. My interest in cars fell off in the '90s and I focused my free time on movies, occasionally playing stealth games on my pc. Then a few things happened in the summer of 2010. In July I watched Eric Bana’s personal car documentary “Love the Beast,” which every car fan should see. That movie introduced me to Jeremy Clarkson, which led me to binge watch all the episodes of Top Gear to date. My brother noticed and said “You should check out this Xbox game Forza Motorsport 3.” He showed it to me and I was instantly hooked.

I immediately went out and bought my first Xbox 360 console and FM3 and stayed up all night working my way up to buy my most desired car: the 1984 Ferrari GTO (288). It brought me right back to the '80s. To me that car epitomizes the perfect combination of elegant lines and raw aggressiveness. So on August 10, 2010 I joined the forums. I can still remember my first post asking to set up a GTO cruise. From there I soon joined community-run tuning competitions to improve my skills, never winning any but enjoying each challenge. I soon started to post lists - lots and lots of lists over the years - compulsively feeding my interest in Forza by the numbers: acceleration, power-to-weight-ratios, lap times per track per class, engine swaps, event restrictions, and DLC overviews. Since FM3 I have owned every Forza installment and for all the hours playing the games, I’ve easily spent more hours outside the games tabulating and participating in the community forums. One of my favorite aspects of the forums is that even after all these years, I still learn something new every week from other users about real world automotive engineering and design, driving technique, and even the business of the gaming industry.

Forza also had another influence on me in the real world. Though I always liked cars I had never felt an interest in racing. But a year after I started playing FM3, the first Grand Prix of Baltimore (IndyCar and ALMS) was held in the fall of 2011, just ahead of the release of Forza Motorsport 4, and I decided to go see it. As I crossed the pedestrian bridge to enter the grounds I could hear an IndyCar approaching before I could see it, and I will never forget that sound. Since that race, and Forza’s rivals linked to real world races, I’ve become more and more interested in racing, first with ALMS and Le Mans style, then open wheel, V8 Supercars, NASCAR, and Rally. I’ve become as obsessive about listing racing series and putting them on my calendar as I am with Forza events. It’s become one great feedback loop between real and virtual, informing and being informed, watching and participating. That’s why I’ll keep coming back to Forza.


I don’t have anything uplifting or memorable by any means, but here I go anyway lol.

I first knew of Forza when I was in a game arcade in 2007, and in this game called “Stacker”, one of their Major Prizes was a copy of Forza Motorsport 2. For reference, this is the game:

Stack blocks on top of each other, where the blue border ends is a minor prize win, at the top a major prize win. It gets hard, believe me.

My first experience with Forza was me watching the first two races of FM3 take place on G4’s (remember that? Is that still a thing?) coverage of it. For any that have it, it was Comcast’s On Demand. They showed the first race with the Audi R8, and highlighted the rewind feature - a feature that blew my mind back then. Then they chose their first car (Honda Fit IIRC) and did a race or two in it. The game looked so beautiful to me, and to my parents who were watching it as well.

Around that same time, my friend and I were deciding on whether or not to get a PS3 or Xbox 360, and we were both leaning towards PS3. However, he ended up getting a 360. So if he had it, I had to have it too, right? To think, had he gotten the PS3, I wouldn’t be typing this!

Christmas 2010. I didn’t get a 360 yet, and honestly, wasn’t expecting it. After opening up all the presents (or so I thought), we started clean-up, and it was during that I noticed a rather large present behind our La-Z-Boy, unopened. “Hey, someone forgot one!” I yelled. I pulled it out, and there was no name, no tag, nothing. “Well, whose is it?” I ask. My mom then says “Well, why don’t you open it and see?” followed by a smile at my dad, who returned it back to her. I saw that, and I figured what it was, and sure enough, it was the 360 I wanted. It was the 360 Slim model, the 250GB one, and I got Call of Duty Black Ops (remember Call of Duty for later), and the console itself came bundled with two games: Forza Motorsport 3 on disc and Alan Wake on Full-Game Download code. I played a lot of FM3 inbetween then and December 2011; I fell in love with it on day one. Never had I played a racing game (and from my PS2 days, I had quite a few) that had so many cars, so many upgrades, so many tracks. I was bombarded, and this was the first time I was ever happy to be bombarded. I chose the Citroen C4 VTS as my first car, because I thought it was cool, and living in the US, I’d never seen one (I was aware Citroen existed though lol).

December 27, 2011. I went out to Target, Christmas money in wallet, and bought Forza Motorsport 4. Never have I ever made such a good decision. To date, FM4 has the most amount of time logged in to any game of mine, and I have more than one Skyrim and Fallout (both 3 and New Vegas) playthroughs going for longer than 150 hours. Since I didn’t have Xbox Live at the time (thanks to a terrible router), I was able to do the “import profile” thing where I got some cars for playing FM3, but I couldn’t get the few Unicorns, as I didn’t have the VIP pack. I could talk about how much I fell in love with FM4, but I’d run out of characters. I did some quick math last year while looking at my stats in FM4, and I figured that with the amount of hours I put into the game, if I never slept, took no bathroom breaks, forget eating, etc., just played FM4, I’d play it for an entire month. I think it worked out to something like 31.244 days. Crazy.

October 2012. Forza Horizon came out a week ago, and I played the demo, and I really wanted that “Gone Gold” Viper. So I kindly asked my parents who were going shopping if they could get it for me. They sighed that “annoyed parent sigh”, where you knew once you heard that, forget about whatever you just said, it wasn’t happening. They came home, and plopped a GameStop bag in my hands. I looked inside, Forza Horizon was in it. The worst part about it is I don’t actually remember saying “Thank you”, mainly because I was in shock that I actually got it (pretty sure I said it though).

March 2013. We’re at our local mall, and while my mom and sisters were in Victoria’s Secret and my dad in GNC (it’s a pill and supplement store), since I figured both were equally as boring and with one making me feel awkward and the other making me not want to get old, I walked over to GameStop and browsed, birthday money in wallet (my birthday was the day before, and we went to the mall the next day to pick out my present, a new phone). I was looking at their new games, and said “meh”. I did end up getting Need For Speed: The Run Limited Edition brand new though. So I went to go look at their Pre-Owned games, and couldn’t believe my eyes: Forza Motorsport 2 was there, for the steep steep price of $3.00. After a series of eye rubs and pinches on the arm to make sure I was a. not seeing things and b. not dreaming, I picked it up and bought it. Playing it after playing the others, I was a bit surprised at the lack of in-car view, the graphics, and the sounds, but it was refreshing in its own way.

September 2014. I decided I was done waiting around, and bought myself an Xbox One and Forza Motorsport 5 Limited Collector’s Edition from Amazon. I was so amazed with the graphics when it booted up. I kept thinking over and over to myself “man, this is next gen!” The rumble triggers were a bit of a surprise the first time I finally felt them after just reading about them. I’ve recently decided to start running every car on the 'Ring (I did the same in FM4), and I really have to say, job well done on the Nurburgring guys. Despite running hundreds and hundreds of laps on it in FM4, I was scared to drive on it the first time in FM5.

Also September 2014. I made a decision that I knew my parents would kill me if they found out over. I sort of just bought the Ultimate Edition of FH2 digitally. I just did it. Went to the store, looked at it, said “man, that looks fun!” and I just bought it. It took approximately 7 seconds before I came to the realization of “My God what have I done!?!?!” but after playing it, it was totally worth it. And they haven’t found out, so, yay.

Remember how I told you about Call of Duty? That was my favorite franchise. I own[ed] nearly all of them. From the PS2 to the 360 to the One. Really. I have a bunch of them.

After a realization I had while playing FM4 in 2012, I knew the impossible happened: Call of Duty was dethroned and Forza took over as my favorite franchise. It may have taken some time and overall two new consoles, but hell if it isn’t worth it!

(May be hard to tell [if not obvious enough] but the one with the undetailed cover is FM2, and you can clearly see how excited I was to open my 360 lol. Since it’s a digital download, FH2 is there in spirit)

Congrats on the ten years guys. Even if I was only around for about four and a half of them, I can with no doubt in my mind see how far you’ve come and how far you’ve yet to go! Keep on making the best franchise the Xbox family has ever seen!

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My story began in 2006 when I brought Forza Motorsport for the original Xbox. I got tired of playing the Gran Turismo franchise and was looking for a fresh start of a racing game. The rest was history and my favorite track was the nurburgring and won one too many races there in single player and online against fellow Forza racer. I always endeared how well it drives with different cars especially with the Imprezas and the Delta Intergrales. The one thing I am missing is the Porsches, I am very disappointed that the German automaker had to be selfish in its licensing towards other game franchises that is far below the Forza standards. Hopefully I will get to continue with Forza Motorsport 6 later this year.

Wow! 10 years already. Where has the time gone. I got in on Forza with FM2 and the rest is history. Along the way, I’ve gotten better, but I think the biggest part of Forza that’s the greatest is the community. I’ve met some really nice people through playing Forza and it’s been a blast. My fondest memory of playing was the first time with a wheel. I bought the Microsoft WRW after a friend of mine was using one while we played some FM4 online races. Just hearing him talk about the immersion aspect and how much fun he had using the wheel, I had to get one. From then forward, I’ve had a wheel except for the short while I had to save up for TX. So here’s hoping for another happy 10 years and many more friendships. Thanks T10 for all the memories and making a great community from a great game!

P.S. > I think it would be awesome if you guys streamed some original Forza Motorsport for a Forza Friday. I know you must have an OG Xbox and a copy of the game around there somewhere :slight_smile:

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spot - crafting post

I remember being a playstation die hard gran turismo 2 fan but as soon as i pop forza 1 it changed my life. Now all i do is play forza when i can. Forza player till i die!!

Happy Anniversary!!!

Back in November 2013 the company I work for sent me up to San Francisco to attend’s user conference called Dreamforce. Between all the Keynote speeches and breakout sessions I made some time to stop by the vendor expo to check out the various add-ons and services companies were offering.

As with any expo, vendors will have some sort of tchotchkes, contest or prize drawing at their booth in exchange for your contact info and a moment of your time while they pitch why you need their product.

As I was walking around the smaller of the two expo halls I saw something very familiar.

InsideView was giving away a Smart Car at their main booth. The challenge offered here was called “Drive to Win” and was pretty straightforward. You have two laps to set your fastest time (clean or dirty) in a Smart Car around Laguna Seca. The player with the fastest lap each day would win a prize.

Contest specifics. Yes, this was Forza 4 in hot lap mode with the difficulty set to medium which meant braking assist, normal steering, SC on, TCS on, full race line, rewind on, external view and you used the new-fangled MS wireless wheel.

It was just past 4 o’clock, the expo was closing in an hour and the current fastest lap was a 2:21 and change. I watched two players before set times in the high 2:20’s but they were making plenty of errors and over corrections. This was an opportunity I could not pass up.

Since my first lap from the standing start would essentially be a throw away I decided to spend most of it trying to figure out how sensitive the wireless wheel was with all the “assists”. I didn’t need to move the wheel all that much to get the car to turn. What made things a bit difficult was the general crowd noise from the expo made it near impossible to hear the game and obviously the controller was not going to give me any direct feedback. By the time I reached the end of my first lap I felt confident that I had the car sorted out and as long as I kept my steering smooth, my finger in the gas and only flick the wheel to make corrections I could set a fast time on my second lap.

Time to beat: 2:21 and change.

My Time: 2:17.006

At that point there was still 45 minutes left and even though I felt really good about the time I set I know that there’s always somebody faster. Hopefully that somebody was not at Dreamforce.

Instead of sticking around and sweating out the 45 minutes like a driver sitting On the Bubble at Indy I left the expo. I had a company dinner at six o’clock that evening and if someone did beat my time I’d have another opportunity on Thursday.

I stopped by the booth the next day and asked the girl working there what yesterday’s fastest time was. She flipped a couple pages in her notebook and after a couple of seconds looked up and asked, “Are you Steve?”

“Yes,” I replied.

With a huge smile on her face she then said, “You Won!”

So, what did I win? A $500 gift card. Ka-Ching!

Once I got home I fired up Forza and ran the Smart car at Laguna without all the nanny assists and using my wheel/pedal setup. My first flying lap was a 2:07.191.

I held on to that card for a year and used it to pick up the XBox One when the price dropped. First two games I bought? Forza Motorsport 5 and Forza Horizon 2.

Moral of the story? Never feel ashamed about your Forza or racing game addiction. You never know, those skills may pay off in the real world.


I’m new to Forza since 2010 when I first bought a copy of Forza Motorsport 3 moments after I got my XBOX 360 on Christmas Day 2009 but I’m starting to feel like I’m attracted to the series because of the wide selection of cars as well as creating liveries, which remain a top favorite for Forza fans too many. Now, I’m starting to follow every Forza franchise released and I’m planning to pre-order FM6 this year.

Many happy returns for the Forza series! Happy 10th anniversary!

Wow, there’s been a lot of moments and cars to choose from.

I reckon my best moment was winning my first online race in Forza 3. Forza 3 was my first Forza game. I was looking for an alternative to Project Gotham Racing when I happened across the demo. I preordered the collector’s edition after trying the demo. Anyway, I tried an online race in an Audi R8 at Sunset Peninsula Raceway. It was a multiclass race and I was second to a guy in a Mercedes. He was tough but very fair. However we came up behind a slower car and he went to take it on the outside, but there was a gap on the inside of the slower car, so I quickly shot up the inside of it and pulled away to win. I still have that recording on Forza 3 because it was a great race. No bashing, nice and fair.

As for my favourite car, I love the old muscle, and I do like my Lamborghinis, but I reckon my overall favourite is the Nissan Skyline GTR 34 V Spec. I have 3 of them on Forza 5, 2 on Horizon 2 and several others on the other games I own.

I love this series. I own all the games except the original Forza. I even went and got a second hand copy of Forza 2, which I’m still playing through. Thoroughly looking forward to Forza 6.

My Hot Wheels R34.