My 300,000 credits will not come through on my forza horizon 2 messages and ive checked and i have redeemed them and it still wont work. help please?

How long ago did you redeem them?

Your gaming history indicates that you are playing on the Xbox 360. See the thread pinned at the top of the forum:

Related, is there an issue with Rewards points updating?

I finished the FF7 standalone to 100% (on both the 360 and One), but my Rewards points show I’m 40 points short of the 1000 gamerscore, for 492 of the 500 Rewards points.

It’s been like that for about a week now, I thought by now that would have sorted itself out.

probably(?) related:

I managed to delete my 1.500000 CR instead of downloading it by mistake, my own fault, I’m an idiot :slight_smile: