forza rewards - days played

I’m only 241 points away from the next level (and 500,000 credits) with less than a week 'till the end of the month. I don’t want to lose out on 500,000 credits because the system isn’t working properly. Plus I hate knowing that I was also 241 points away early yesterday and then raced a whole championship (winning every race) plus earned 3 Achievements and a few badges along the way. That was roughly 20 hours ago.

Still 241 points away.

Same problems for me. Points for days played stuck at 340 of 500 (I’ve played several weeks since then). Many achievements won’t unlock when they should, or won’t advance as I grind my way through the requirements. I’m just 92 points away from Tier 4, and though I have been able to find some achievements that do work, I don’t think I’m going to make it before the end of the month, thus missing out on a lot of extra points. Even the Achievements app on the Xbox home screen doesn’t work reliably, which may be at the root of the problem. Sometimes, when I’m already signed in, the app thinks I’m not. Sometimes when I go into the app, it just shows a spinning icon and doesn’t ever show me my stats. Turn 10, when will you fix this, and how will you compensate those of us who have lost considerable time, points, and credits because of this problem?

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Also stuck at 3 days played. No issues with older games.

Well its still not fixed, infact the problem has gotten worse!!! Now ALL MY BARS have frozen and have been for some time.

Achievements are still unlocking, but I’m not going to make it to the next tier with their points alone.

Come on - fix this already!!!

Same issue here… a question to people who are at Tier 6, how much do you get each month please ? at Tier 5 we get 1million and at 6 ? Cheers.

Only place where I got points yesterday is buying DLC [70 points per DLC], buying tokens and achievements. The rest all stuck.

Still at zero, weekly check in.

I’m more interested in IF anyone’s days are still working or have resumed working?

Stuck too… is there a phone number for turn 10 call and see when this will be fixed

For me, it stopped working on December 15th 2014. I’m also curious if it works for anyone?

I have the same problem my friends please fix it

Days still stucked here.

Hit driver level 151 last night and still ZERO days played…

I’m having this problem with my alt account. I should probably be max rewards level now, but still right where I started.

I downloaded the game when it was on sale around christmas time. I am also having issues with days played showing up in the forza hub as well as badges unlocking such as the one for bonus events won. I wonder if anyone is having this problem that bought the disc and installed it that way.

Same here. Only bars that aren’t frozen is “Achievements” and “Paid DLC Owned”

Mine’s a LE disc install couple days before Christmas.

I also noticed my “Cars Owned” is stuck at zero. And has been since I got the game during the “Black Friday” sale :frowning:

Same issues. Stuck since December. Playing mostly every day. And I am not starting to talk about the sound. No I won’t!

Just checking back!
All the rewards for days played, driver level & badges are not moving still, been stuck for a few weeks now!

Got my fingers crossed it will be sorted soon!

Ok. Yesterday the forza hub app gave me 600 k credits for seemingly no reason. Awesome. I hadnt levelled up and my progress is still ‘frozen’. Today the forza app needed an update but my progress is still screwed up. So Thanks for the free credits but the update didnt work. Yet