Forza rally one off 19th Tuesday 7:30 BST

Hi guys. I’m wondering if anyone would like to do a one off rally event this Tuesday. The way it will run is like a rally where you will pull up to the line and wait for roughly 10-15 seconds and set off to do your run up/down Fujimi Kaido and there will be a timing gate at the top/bottom of it (need someone to help with this). Then when you have finished you will go down/up the other side to do another run (the 3 run idea will depend on numbers)

Car list
VW Polo
Ford focus 09’ and 13’
Ford RS500
Subaru Impreza 05’ and 08’
Volvo C30
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution (any of them are avaliable)
Lancia Stratos

Cars are all R3

Tunes will be avaliable from my storefront and if you want to use a car message me and I will make a car if I allow it.

We will be running both ways of the layout (if there is enough time)
It will start at 7.30pm BST on Tuesday
I need someone to help me with the timings if we can get enough people

Also plz sign up at this website or the website below