Forza Race Regulations | Public Beta Feedback Thread - April 2019

Welcome to the Official Forza Race Regulations feedback thread for April 2019. Here we invite you to share your collected, structured feedback with us, which we will share with the development team.

To keep things organized and friendly, we ask for a few guidelines to be followed:

  1. Please stay on topic. We greatly appreciate your passion for the whole game, but we are focusing on feedback regarding Forza Race Regulations as it exists in April 2019.
  2. Please be constructive and respectful. The more constructive your suggestions are (specific examples are always appreciated), the more it helps us when we review the feedback.
  3. Please use this as a place to post your feedback overview, not to discuss the feature or other people’s feedback. This helps us to collate and pass on your feedback. If you would like to discuss the feature or your feedback ideas with others, you can do so here on dedicated discussion thread sin the Forza Forums or on our Discord server.
  4. We will collect, review and pass on your feedback to the development team, but please be aware that we may not be able to act on or implement every suggestion.
  5. When we make changes based on your feedback, they won’t be visible right away - it may take some time before a specific item gets addressed.
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Hi all,

With the public beta of Forza Race Regulations (FRR) going live today, we wanted to give you all a quick primer on what to expect from FRR in April.

We’re excited to invite everyone to try out, test and give feedback on the FRR beta. This feature is the result of a lot of ongoing work within Turn 10 and you will see this feature evolve and change over the course of the coming months as we keep updating Forza Motorsport 7.

Forza Race Regulations are a multiplayer-specific hopper configuration. During the beta, we will have a single multiplayer hopper set up with Forza Race Regulations. Currently, single player modes are not affected by Forza Race Regulations. In the current version of FRR we focus exclusively on track-cutting. To assess a potential track cut, we use an AI Adjudicator (AIA) to:

  1. Capture a player’s time off track
  2. Determine if that player has received any kind of advantage (time advantage or positions gained)
  3. Give an appropriate time penalty (measured in seconds) that is added to a player’s final race time.

What to Expect
As you enter the Multiplayer hopper selection screen, you will see a flyout that explains how FRR work. If you dismiss it permanently, you can still easily bring it back via a button press.

Then you select the FRR Beta hopper from the list of multiplayer hoppers; it will appear alongside all other hoppers.

The current iteration of FRR focuses on detecting when you are going off track. The AI Adjudicator calculates whether you gained any advantage and administers a time penalty, if applicable. The race HUD will inform you of penalty time incurred and for which type of infraction (once again, this is currently only track cutting).

Aside from your own total penalty time, you can also see your opponents’ penalty times in the mini leaderboard during the race. FRR penalties will not affect player placements during the race, these adjustments happens at the end of the race.

After the race is over, you will see the event results screen showing your race time, number of penalties applied, penalty time accrued, and the total of race time and penalty time. The placement in the event results screen will be affected by the penalty time. Currently, neither rewards nor the following race’s grid placements are affected by incurred FRR penalties. These features will be coming in a future iteration of FRR.

We have removed the anti-cheat tire walls in FRR-enabled lobby races. To help you stay on track, you can enable the Track Limit lines from the Assists menu.

Future Updates and Adjustments
The team at Turn 10 is still hard at work on the FRR feature set. Future updates will allow players to enable FRR in private lobbies, along with highly requested features like the ghosting of lapped players. In addition the team is working on penalizing car-to-car collisions in the game. Look for more details on all of these updates in the future.

Known Issues and FAQ:
Here’s the current list of FRR Known Issues:
• The grid for subsequent races is not impacted by penalty times incurred in the previous race.
• You currently cannot activate Forza Race Regulations in private lobbies. We are aiming to add this in May.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: How can I find the Beta?
A: If you start Forza Motorsport 7, navigate to Multiplayer and select the “Forza Race Regulations Beta” hopper form the list of hoppers and join this hopper.

Q: Will I be penalized for ramming players?
A: Currently, Forza Race Regulations only detect and penalize track cutting. This can mean taking a shortcut and gaining a time advantage compared to how long it would have taken you to go around the track without the shortcut. It can also mean gaining an advantage by trading places with other racers. We will be adding collision-related penalties at a later date.

Q: Will this also be active in single player races?
A: Forza Race Regulations is a multiplayer-only feature, currently only enabled in the Forza Race Regulations Beta Hopper.

Q: Where can I provide feedback?
A: To discuss the features and your feedback with your fellow players, you can use threads here on the Forza Forums or please visit our Discord. To provide pointed feedback for the development team, please post it in this thread.

Reminder to players providing feedback, collisions aren’t the focus here, just whether on/off track results in an advantage:

The developers aren’t ignoring the issue of collisions, it’s just going to be a later step in the development of FRR. Right now they’re looking for feedback about cutting and track extensions.

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Just one to double down on Max’s post here. Collisions aren’t factored in what so ever in this current state of the car Forza Race Relation Beta. It was also specifically mentioned multiple times that this iteration wouldn’t have any collision penalty, adjudication system or consequences implemented at all. This will probably come in future months.

Just a few ideas about the UI:

  1. I’d like to see a time penalty icon above a driver’s name tag & next to them in the distance ahead HUD.

  2. I’d also love a message to pop up, maybe at the very top of the screen saying “X has received a time penalty” or IF these two punishments are implemented “X has received a drive through penalty” or “X has been disqualified”.

  3. Separate from the penalties, but just as important, I’d really like a message saying “X has set the fastest lap of a XXX:XXX.XXX”. That would really help its know what time we’d need to beat to get pole the next race.

All of these should have the ability to be toggled on or off but I think it would be really nice to have.

Reminder, this thread is specifically for off-track penalty feedback. The Forza Race Regs team is working on the issue of collisions, but the stage at this moment is focused on track limits and position advantage. Please be sure to read over the first two posts in this thread.

Had the update and there is no such hopper.
Update. Now have hopper after multiple resets of console.

I’m guessing game clips are allowed to be posted here as well for feedback on FRR?

edit: snowowl if you’re lurking, im not sure how i got 2 seconds for taking the line off track you did and you got off scott free :wink:

Yep Snoots, clips are fine!

Snooty - I gained time or space on someone, you didn’t. I guess.

After a few rounds in the FFR hopper I can say that the time penalties are quite fair for a large majority of the time.

However, I’ve had one moment where I was issued a time penalty of 4 seconds for straying off a part of Catalunya quite briefly, not really gaining an advantage at all. I feel like it could do with a bit of tweaking in cases like that. I wish I had thought to take a clip when it happened, but I didn’t.

Otherwise, it seems to be a solid system! I’ll try to update with any other issues I encounter.

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Time penalties are quite severe for minor off track excursions and not severe enough for major excursions.

What’s the threshold for people getting kicked for accumulating too large a penalty? Had a person well over +20 seconds and he clearly wasn’t interested in racing.

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This system of penalty cuts should be like real races. First They warn you and the next time you do it again you are punished.
Also You must implement the blue flags to know which are the cars that should be passed in case of illegal advance by trimming, and so return the position.
I think the penalties is something that is prepared for long races back to back you can earn a lot of time in one place, but this should regulate the penalties depending on the length of the race.

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Visual menu reference:

I only done two races before rage quitting on the third, if I ran wide and gained an advantage I got a 1 second penalty, thats fair enough but I dont understand how I can get forced wide, lose 2 positions and then I get given a 5 second penalty? I know its only a beta but penalty decision making amd consistency needs work


There needs to be a way for the penalty system to know if you cut a corner on purpose or you were forced off. I know contact penalties are coming, but time penalties after being forced off track adds insult to injury

I was penalized multiple times when I set up a clean pass inside, only to have the other driver try to close the door too late, slam into me, and force me off the track on the inside. Now I am behind them after they forced me into the grass, plus I get a time penalty for cutting the corner while they don’t get a penalty because they used the side of my car to stay on the track. So far I have noticed the amount of aggressive ramming has increased because people are using this to their advantage.

I stopped playing Horizon 4 online because people were more focused on ramming cars and causing them to miss check points rather than being the clean fastest driver. The FRR in the current state of penalizing people who are forced off feels the same way.


Pretty cool I played against a T10 developer earlier. Ok some quick feedback after 2 races:
1-On my 2nd race I cut grass twice and the spinning circle icon appeared at the top saying I cut grass, but no penalty time was added. In the first race I played it worked fine, I cut grass and some penalty time was added every time, not sure if glitch happened the 2nd race(I cut grass very quickly, so maybe that’s why it did not end up adding penalty time maybe)

2-The top 2 winners in my 2nd race had many penalties, over 20 each…but they still won and placed 1st and 2nd because they went so fast by cutting grass that everyone else had “DNF”. Maybe I misunderstood the purpose of this regulation system, but imo someone who has so many penalties should not be able to place so high above clean racers and easily making all the rest “DNF”.

Was fun otherwise and looking forward to seeing this evolve! Thanks

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You know how sometimes if you use someones paint job randomly it will ask you to rate it in the game? They should suggest kicking the players who have 20 plus seconds of penalty. It’s a completely useless feature as of now because no one uses it. If we had custom public lobbies these tools would be removed immediately but you have hoppers where instead of vote to kick people just bash and bash to get their rage out…and never get kicked…ever.

Or like I’ve said many many times they can scrap this entire idea and development of FRR and go back to Custom public lobbies and this will all be a thing of the past. Good bye hoppers hello an actually racing game. Jus sayin.


1st of all… Finally we have some sort of regulations or penalties. Thank you turn 10 love it.
Now onto the feedback:
1.sometimes when u lose grip ( aka oversteer ), lose meters and or place/es and go off track for 1 sec or 2 the system still gives a corner cut and gives the penalty.
2.when u get intentionally pushed off the track/ rammed by another player, and go off track the system gives a penalty to whoever got pushed/ rammed off.
3.when u have a little ( very very minor, I’m talking about 0.1 seconds or less ) corner cut/ extension of the track the system will give some insane penalties like 4 to 5 seconds. It doesn’t happen ALWAYS but it often does that.
4.sometimes when someone else passes you while being in a clear, or minor, corner cut it doesn’t give any penalty.

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Penalized for end of race, where drivers like to kick their car sideways near the finish line. I was behind this guy, he pitched sideways too soon, I half T- boned his car, which shot me left to off track. My speed caused me to pass him before the finish and I got penalized 3 seconds for this. Just my two cents.

Time penalty does not work, your allow violators to still win the race and cause its count down. If y’all implement this “race regulations” into all the hoppers, the game will become broken and you will loose a lot of players. Y’all were on the right track with tire barriers, but the need placed properly to discourage track cutting. Collisions going into a corner is simple, ghost cars at a certain point before the corner of brakes are not applied by a certain point allowing no brake violators to carry themselves clean off the track.