I WAS RECENTLY SENT A VIDEO OF A HACK THAT IS WORSE THEN THE GOLITATH AFK AND ANYHTING ELSE ON THIS GAME. is a site that has a hack tool that is so broken it allows you to max out your character with xp cars money you name it this makes it really hard for the people who are actually trying to play the game. forza please fix this

How does it make your game hard? Also “shouting” in capslock doesnt make the devs listen to you.


not that i condone any form of cheating (other than actual game play mechanic exploits that the devs included in the game) but i just wanted to point out that no matter the game, there will always be industrious and resourceful people out there who will find a way to cheat. online games have been plagued by this phenomenon for at least a decade. Cheat Engine has been around for at least as long. it has been my experience that the devs are usually on top of this sort of thing and ban modded accounts. furthermore, what difference does it make what level a person is at or how many credits they have? it doesn’t effect any online play. the only thing that would directly effect anyone would be something like super acceleration, perfect handling, etc.


Other people having maxed out XP does not affect you in any way at all, stop being such a nitwit.

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The worst type imho are called the “griefing cheats” , GTA had this online for example in the past, hackers could actually take control of other players, remote control their car, blow players up or teleport them etc.
Eventually it got so bad, the developers went after the cheatsites with lawsuits and shut them down, most of them.

It will always be a cat & mouse game with cheats vs anti-cheats. but i think as long as your player character or account doesnt get affected by hackers or cheaters using some form of remote-control, you should be fine in Forza.