Forza Motorsports 3 sever down?

For about a week I haven’t been able to get on the server? Is is down for repairs? Or just no more? There wasn’t many players online but still. The drift lobby only had me and maybe one other person. Maybe. Still would like it open. Please Turn10! And if anyone else reads this and they get the sever back on I sit in a lobby all day waiting to drift. We need more people playing the older games! I need more drifters in the lobby! Want to bang doors. Trade paint. Can’t do that alone. Or without a server. Thanks again Turn10 for the amazing games!

Yes I’ve tested FM3, FM4, Horizon, Horizon 2 and Horizon 2 F&F and all of them are offline.

We are hoping they come back!

Still able to use private lobby on fm3. hewmongus45 is my tag. Down to drift?

Thanks again Turn10! Server back on!