It appears that Forza Motorsport 4, Horizon 1 and Horizon 2 servers are gone.

All online features just say the servers are unavailabe right now, the whole FM4 community on Facebook have been going on about it since last Monday.

User created races are the only feature that still works, suggesting the servers are still up but all online features are gone.

Will this be fixed or can we at least have confirmation that this is the end? If so it’ll be a sad day to say the least as the community is thriving on FM4 in particular with several online racing leagues getting fully lobbies and in some cases having to open 2 lobbies just to get everyone in, there’s always at least 200 cars a day listed on the auction house and new photos, tunes, designs and vinyl groups being listed on the storefront daily.

It’s more active than Forza Motorsport 5 yet the servers for that still exist!


Yeah same thing for me, i waiting online service, i hope server has not closed, need storefront, livery etc, there is no FM4 server status or some news about it.

Sry for my bad english.


yeah, many people are still playing, we got leagues, racing lobbys, almost full lobby always, people are painting, selling cars, or just do leaderboards that game is best of the best of racing games, will be sad if it die :frowning:


Still nothing atm, waiting some infos i hope server not closed this W-E


It’s rather strange it worked for so long. I played Motorsport 2 online this year. It’s a chance X360 is gone forever before new-gen.


as of a hour ago still not working …I use the online stuff a lot on forza motorsport 4

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all motorsports, horizon 2 didn’t work, but how about horizon 1 cause its backward compatible with xbox one?

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Just the same. We submitted several tickets to support and asked here in the forum for info and it doesn’t look like no one bothers to at least reply so far.

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I submitted a ticket on Thursday and I got back a response just a little bit ago. They’re aware of the issue and working to get it fixed. So we have that. Hope to see FM4 back online soon. Me and a Clockwork Motorsports member will be putting some B class cars up on Auction.

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I take it the admins no longer reads this section.

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my friend texted me with that message : "A moderator for the Forza Official Discord has contacted Turn 10 directly.

They’ve said it was not intentional and they’re working on a fix."

so maybe they will bring it back alive :slight_smile: hope so :slight_smile:

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I sure hope so. Already missing the FM4 crowd. Going to have to work to get some guys back on there after this blackout.

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you can still race online, just have to host your own lobby.

Servers are back up and going.

They are working, I’m hosting an online race atm :confused:

Servers have been down for me for a few months now. Can’t access the Design or Tune Storefronts, Auction House, etc. Was there ever any official announcement from Turn 10/MSFT that the servers for 360 titles were being shuttered? Would love some info if anyone has it.

I’d like to see the leaderboards. I was having a “battle” with Razorwing and even though they’re faster than me, I was well on track to be top 1000 in circuit but that might not happen now. oh well. I got to be top 500 in P2P (didn’t need test tracks for that :wink:

Same for me, servers seems to be shut down. Perhaps it’s the same policy than the Halo servers ?

It seems like it goes up and down. The other day I was able to get to 1000 club and liveries in Forza Horizon 1 on my X360 but the past few days it just gives me the “Forza Horizon servers are unavailable. Check back later” message.

I’m currently playing Forza Horizon, Forza Horizon 2 & Forza Motorsport 5 I told the Forza team that the Servers are either Offline or intermittently working between these titles but here’s the reply I got!!

Forza Support Team
1 day ago
Thank you for taking the time to report this issue.

I wish I had better news for you, but unfortunately we no longer actively support Legacy Forza titles. Limited support is still available for matchmaking and leaderboard services.

While I appreciate you taking the time out today to write in to Forza Support, we are sadly unable to resolve this request.
Forza Support Team

they aren’t bothered about it but I am constantly checking Forza Horizon to see if the Servers will be back up soon Forza Motorsport 5 & Forza Horizon 2 keep either allowing me to connect or disconnect
me while I’m playing however I have to say Forza Horizon 2 seems to be the worst one of the 2 here I’m not sure about Forza Horizon 3 as I have all the Multiplayer Achievements maybe just maybe though if more & more people do report this to them they’ll sort out these issues

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