Forza Motorsport

I Found the problem, it was my USB 3.0 memory stick 128 GB. I unplugged the Memory stick and plugged it back so the Xbox Series X would recognise it again and loaded Forza Motorsport again and it works fine. If there’s a peripheral usb problem it can affect the whole system. Please tell other people if they get the same issue to unplug their USB 3.0 memory stick!. It wasn’t your game!. Thank you Turn 10.

Christian Fletcher.

When I load Forza Motorsport it Says “NOT CONNECTED” and says “Progress cannot be saved until connection is restored”. You can try to reconnect now or play Free Play offline”. I Bought this game for £90 and can’t play the main game

Problem Fixed. It was my USB 3.0 memory stick. I unplugged usb Memory stick and Plugged it back in and the Xbox Series X gave a notification of the memory stick. And I tried Forza Motorsport and it Connected to sign in. Thank you Turn 10 for Forza Motorsport.