Forza Motorsport 7: Forzathon: “To the Finish Line” Troubleshooting

Earlier today, I reached 216 mph on Homestead Miami, but did not receive my Forzathon progress for “Speed is Key”. I have now received that step completion in my objectives.

Now, the other topic is bugged or broken. I have achieved 15,036 drift points on one lap at Barcelona Catalunya in the 2018 Porsche 911 GT2 RS, but it was lap 6/8. I do not know if it was because of this, but I did not get the progress. Does the 15,000 drift score in one lap have to be on the last lap? I need help with this issue, because I earned the points fair and square. I even downloaded a drift tune specifically made for this event.

Not sure if I am not patient enough, but I have to exit the game and relaunch after each and every ‘activity’ in order for them to register. I also have to exit and relaunch after the final event in order to get the prize (car, suit, whatever).

As far as the drift goes, you have to get the 15,000 during a lap, but it does not have to be the final lap. I am not a drifter, but I was fortunate to be able to get the necessary points by simply disabling the ABS and traction control.

Try exiting the game and relaunching and see if they pop. Best of luck to you.

Does the drifting have to happen in a drift event or can it happen in a circuit race?

I am not sure. I wasn’t seeing any point accumulation in circuit racing, so I set up a drift event. (I didn’t even know it was possible to do this until tonight). I tried drifting in rivals first, with no success in the events there. If you do set up a drift event, be very aware of the race timer. I did not know about that, either the first time I tried. I had more than enough points but ran out of time. I fixed that on the second attempt. (lol)

I suspect that the first completion of each requirement isn’t being counted towards completion. Example: I did a single lap race on one of the ovals, made sure I broke 180, and didn’t get credit. Restarted the race from the post-race screen (didn’t exit the event or anything more drastic), used the same car on the same track, and received credit. Had to do 4 races in a P1 car, win 2 races in a hypercar, etc. Getting 15k drift points twice was nightmarish. Thank God for the Nordschleife.

You do not have to do the same event twice. There is a just a delay in posting. There seems to be two better options than redoing an event (such as the 15k drift).

  1. exit forza 7 and restart.
  2. do any other race, such as a 1 lap oval, 30 second race, etc. It has also been suggested to just keep going with the next event and the previous one will pop.

As I am doing the Forzathon Events the speed with how they show completed varies greatly. Sometimes after I complete a challenge the progress bar updates almost instantly. Other challenges have taken hours to show progress. Something sure seems off with how they register as completed.

There was a known issue when the 1st Forzathon events were launched with them not updating progress properly, and they said they fixed it in a patch shortly after. Well it looks like they’ll have to fix it again. Expect more of the same competency when stage 3 events are put up. And so on.

ive done to the finish line 5 times and still nothing. did the restart thing nothin. did circiut and drift events and free play. whats up with this.

You probably need to study the progress bars on the Forzathon screen. Initially I struggled with them but now they make more sense to me. It’s pointless doing other challenges on the same line until the prior one is showing as completed. It’s illogical but it seems to be important to always choose next event rather than quit, load the next event in (whatever the game chooses) and then check the progress bars.

Once I’d realized this, it stopped me doing races and events which were never going to count.

I struggle with drifting and for the “To The Finish Line” challenge, I tried Dubai, Maple Valley and Homestead without much success.

Looked at a few videos etc and tried Prague. Still found it a bit difficult. I did some reasonable drifts (2,000+ points) but there is a lag on updating the score and I either went off track or hit something or for a brief second was not facing forward and the points weren’t added to my score for the lap.

However I was getting higher scores with Prague and eventually got it and both cars. There are at least ten places in the lap where you can get reasonable drifts.

This guy gets 38,035 points at Prague and his recommended tune (search for Son ALA as the creator) for the 1989 Porsche 944 Turbo works well.

In the video he chooses 1 lap at Prague. I chose 4 laps to give me more practice. It doesn’t matter which lap you achieve the 15,000 points on.

Tried all this and still can’t get the first part of this event done.

Edit: Hit next race instead of restart or exit and it worked.