Forza Motorsport 6 major question

Why does it come to my mind that Forza Motorsport 6 is going to be exactly like five? With more cars,night weather and some other very minor adjustments. I mean i was looking at a preview, only to be let down to know the cars and graphics look just like Forza Motorsport 5. Even the emblem looks just like five? If someone can find any resorces that can explain to me what’s so diffrent,becides the tunnel vision i’m seeing all over again it will be great.


is this official or did you make this up?

When was the last time I made things up?


Reminds me of the whole “If you don’t like Xbox One, stick to 360, that’s an offline device” thing from the XO’s early days. Man, that guy got toasted.

But yeah, minor changes? From the footage we have of the game so far, it’s looking to be anything but minor. This is going to be the game that Forza 5 was supposed to be. =)

You mean Don Matterick? That guy is such cancer for ever company he works for. Dan Greenabeard does not give out that vibe :slight_smile:

Funny, I was gonna say the same thing, but not in pictures.

I can see that image being used a LOT.


I hope it’s like Forza 5! But with more new cars, and more new tracks, and some tweaked AI, and better multiplayer matching, and night and rain racing as well. If it’s anything like that it will be a great improvement.

Very minor adjustments? Yeah, because weather and night racing aren’t major changes… This game is going to blow FM5 out of the water! It looks absolutely fantastic in every single way possible.


What do you mean by “Blow it out of the water” i can’t see what your explaining even in youtube video’s. Mabey im just to focused on mabey Forza 4 to come to xbox one on backwards capabilty. If that ever happens

You do know backwards compatability is happening later this year right?

I’d think FM4 would be one of the first 100 games that’ll be backward compatible. Maybe you should check the youtube video on that and see if you can spot the game.

Well when they mentioned the first-party titles, Forza was not shown weirdly:

Makes me think it will never come.

There’s another video that shows a bunch of titles. I believe that video is in in E3 release.

Water building on tracks in such a way that the car’s handling is affected depending on the type of surface, with puddles that cause hydroplaning as you race across them is going to vastly change the way every track with rain as an option is driven compared to when it’s dry.

Night racing speaks for itself. Under the bright lights of Daytona it’s a spectacle, whereas the pitch black roads of Sebring or Le Mans are going to be a fresh challenge for sure. The roads are going to feel so much tigher than they actually are when you can barely see the width of them and the corners up ahead.


It might be alot for you. But im a car collector i could care less about “Night Racing and water building” call me dull but, i would like more car aspects in the game. Like drag launches and car customization. They, themselfs put drag racing in the game here is the question? Why? If they haven’t done anything for it in the years why is it in the game?

Then don’t buy the game. T10 stepped it up big by putting in weather and night racing. Tons of people requested weather and night racing. T10 delivered greatly. The rain looks amazing. Standing puddles on the track will be amazing. And like it was stated earlier, night racing at Daytona in 60 FPS with Forzas graphics will be absolutely epic. They added amazing tracks to the series, a bunch of great cars, and have definitely been listening to the fans. People, like myself, complained that there weren’t enough race cars in FM5 and they went out and added some great ones for FM6. They aren’t even done announcing all of the cars and the game looks so much better.

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Thank you sir, mabey im a tad bit early for saying this?

Then play it for the huge library of cars they’ve created with ForzaVista level of detail. You call yourself a collector, so surely that appeals to you?

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That’s sure a major draw for me! I can’t wait to collect a car and go to forzavista and mess around. One of my reasons for getting this game is that very thing lol