Forza Motorsport 6 has Gone Gold

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  • Playable demo launches on September 1.
  • Everyone who plays the demo gets the 2017 Ford GT gifted to them when the full game launches.
  • 10 new cars announced, the final car reveal before launch (detailed below)
  • Track weather/conditions have also been confirmed.

New cars announced:

Tracks with Rain:

Tracks with Night:


Race cars? RACE CARS!!!

Seriously can’t wait anymore. I’m so excited.


A little disappointed by how few tracks have night but I’m not surprised about it.

Still, I’m so excited for this game now, can’t wait for that demo.

Just release the demo for the weekend :slight_smile:

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I’m happy to see a demo; not sure how much of it I’ll get to play considering Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain launches on Tuesday but I’ll need to grab that Ford GT anyway :slight_smile:

Final car and track list is pretty strong, up there with Forza Motorsport 4. It’s missing a few things off my personal wishlist (Super GT cars + Suzuka Circuit) but a full set of IndyCar, Formula E, BTCC and the Lotus E23 certainly make up for that.

AMG GT S, R8 LMS ULTRA and C7.R?? I’m too horny to get out of chair and perform a little dance!!!

T10 now just don’t forget when you start to release the DLC’s don’t forget the racing cars and please keep adding rain and night to the tracks that don’t have!

Happy days…come on September!

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Great day today! Finally some more info and then there’s that night shot of Daytona!!! I wish I could hop into a DeLorean right now and go to Sept. 10th!

[Mod Edit - Hieronymus (This thread is about the cars revealed, not the cars that weren’t. I trust you know where to find the wish list.)]

The screenshot from Daytona at night is so awesome. It’ll be unreal to race there! :slight_smile:

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This should easily be the best Forza. The track list is awesome, car list is phenomenal, rain and night racing, and just all around amazing looking. Cannot wait for September 10!


Finally, I can not wait for launch …

Glad to see another classic Can-Am racer, as well as the Lotus 77 to race against the Ferrari and McLaren F1 cars (makes sense to add another 1976 season car, but if I had a choice I’d prefer to race the Lotus 78). While it’s a few years later than the Can-Am cars already announced, I’d love to see the Porsche DLC pack include the 917/10.

Amen to that, a truly insane car. Would also love to see the 917k. The absences of all of the many excellent versions of the 917 in previous Forzas has always mystified me. Maybe something to do with licensing?

There is 1 thing I really dislike about Forza Motorsport.
And it is buying it. Which of the 30 editions should I choose? Which one includes the most cars?
Why is there no ultimate collectors edition? Will the physical edition get as much as the digital?

Been begging T10 for a screen shot of the hotel at Yas. SOOOOOSOSOSO stoked at how it turned out. Can’t wait to rip around that track. BEAUTIFUL.

Yes,the M1 Procar!!



the C7.R and the R8LMS! What an awesome GT field! Thank you Turn 10!

The rest of the car list is stellar as well… And the track list is Awesome!

Congrats Turn10 on going Gold! I cannot wait. And the new Ford GT for playing the Demo? Aw man, I am excited!


Maybe it’s just me, but the track pictures look an awful lot … track-ier - more like a photo than a render …

Could be wishful thinking on my part, but it does seem that the graphics have been spruced up.


Jag xkr-s in GT version = I am done :slight_smile: Updated California very nice. I must manage my hole this year RL to do list till 10.sept, after than is nothing sure besides Forza :slight_smile: With the hole track and cars line up I have totaly no worries what to drive till Porsches and 675LT come to garage. I have no doubt that we have incredible racing ahead of us, my wish to this community and I hope also every one in T10 become his benefit :wink:

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