Forza Motorsport 6 Clean Drivatar/Rivals followers thread. ~(AKA FM5 Clean Drivers Thread for FM6)

Update 24th October - Hey guys, sorry post has not been updated for a little while, been busy moving house, will get things back up to date by Monday. Cheers Ziplobthud

Hello Everyone, Hows your Forza.

I was part of a similar thread in FM5 for people looking to get other Clean users and drivatars in their races and rival modes. The more races your drivatar appears in the more credits you could receive, and also the more opponents you will have in Rivals mode, which really adds to the fun of the game.

For anybody wondering, all gamertags that you follow (if a Forza player) will show up in your races (5-6 at a time) and as a rival in Rivals mode/lap times. (you beat someone you follows lap, the next best person you follow will be your next rival). The more Forza Rivals you follow, the more immersive/fun your push on lap records will become, by having more people to beat and gamertags who over time you recognize more and more. so really, your building up your own personal Rivals experience rather then just trying to beat any old Larry on the leaderboards.

Add you names, Gamertags below, and add as many people on the list as you like and let Your Forza Motorsport 6 Rivals Career really begin.

Any Questions please comment and I will answer when I can or sure there will be others who can help as well. Happy Lapping… and Thanks for Reading.

EDIT- Now members is slowing down a little, I will update OP names list every 2-3 days, or sooner if I can. updated - 11/10/2015

List of Gamertags

  • ziplobthud
  • MOS95B95
  • Amused2Death 66
  • DarkseidUK
  • DumbBeavis
  • KindAnemone799
  • M4dd_dogg7
  • BBTD MitchyK7
  • Wh1t3Kn1te
  • Ma5hEd
  • Daylight Rider
  • the seb969
  • Sevetamryn.
  • FishingMaster31
  • RaceVetZR1
  • hollowgr3ygoos3
  • Philinator24
  • RayRod1219
  • AvedisWolf
  • Richard B5 S4
  • nV vexx
  • Servant of Hell
  • sh03 mAn
  • ii McG ii
  • ANGER2244 GR
  • Ginetto1972
  • seven2uno
  • D4nO
  • WoM Diablo WP
  • themarco1973
  • AnimalAnguish
  • ApexPredator V3
  • Mrproperjob
  • Ab3yipe
  • DOX4
  • CaneSalame
  • o0 MaGiK 0o
  • Mr Red xxxxxxx
  • MindPhish
  • DAC Falloutboy
  • OneBigMan43
  • Tunza4010
  • Pikester1962
  • dab1gg00ch
  • RabbitNinja
  • TheBadJesus
  • INDYCAR Dave
  • PJTierney
  • Wrathofazure
  • Vapizt
  • SuperiorRain835
  • TeubyCooper
  • Tigmac2014
  • Crawly67

Yeah, I remember that thread.

I hear my drivatars resemble Stephen King’s “Christeen”, but can be fun has well. (Muahaha)

I’ll throw my gt in: MOS95B95

Yup add me :slight_smile:

Particularly welcome some slower drivatars lol. My drivatar sure isn’t fast but I race cleanly.

My forum name and gamertag one and the same and I will add all who appear in this list :slight_smile:

Yep did the same last time out. Add me

I remember you from 5 dude, welcome back :slight_smile:

Im up for this.
Was part of the forza 5 clean drivers thread and could do with some clean drivatars in forza 6.
Gamer tag:


You can add me as well.


Thats a nice idea; Feel free to add: M4dd_dogg7, I race cleanly but try to find the best route to maintain speed through corners, if my drivatar would even use that lol

Excuse the stupid question, but how does this work? Do I just add the names of the people that posted in this thread into my friends list?

Il edit OP to explain this dude :slight_smile:

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Thanks mate. Appreciate it.

Feel free to add me. I race clean 99% of the time, unless I really can’t avoid it. Not the best racer, but I am a “tryer”.

the seb969

BBTD MitchyK7

I used to spend most of my time on the forums running the community rescue service, but changes to the game rendered that impossible. So now I just paint, photo and race. My drivatar has suffered recently as I severed all the tendons in my left hand and now have very poor brake control. So my advice to anyone adding me, is don’t be in front of me coming up to a corner, I may use your brakes to stop me. lol.
It’s not intentional, my brake fingers are not working great, but I have to keep with it to try and stretch the tendons and reduce the scar tissue. I see the plastic surgeon in a couple of weeks to see if more surgery is needed. But just be aware that my braking isn’t great right now, but i’m working hard on it.
Thanks guys. :slight_smile:

you can go ahead an add me too. Gamertag: Wh1t3Kn1te

I don’t race online often because I have to available for my disabled wife in case she needs me (can’t pause online)

I’m a somewhat fast very clean driver for those looking for a little bit of a challenge.

I was in the FM5 clean drivers thread, add me to the list please.


I’ll throw my hat into the race as its always fun to have more rivals.

Daylight Rider

My goal is to drive as clean as possible — If you like, add Sevetamryn.

Add me GT: FishingMaster31

Add me too! GT: RaceVetZR1

I’m a b class sim racer that likes to keep it clean. I’m thinking about starting up an endurance series.(if I get enough racers. And my gt is the same as here hollowgr3ygoos3

Feel free to add me. Would love some extra competition via rivals and online.