Forza Motorsport 6 - Car Pass

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just a simple Question.
If I buy the Car-Pass NOW on XBOX-ONE, do I also get the previous Cars? (Porsche, NASCAR, Hot Wheels, Top Gear, Polo Red, F&F, …)

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As advertised before the game’s release, the car pass gives you access to the first 6 DLC carpacks (followed after release). It does however not include access to extentions of the game like the Porsche and Nascar “packs”, neither does it include VIP cars or FORZA loyalty cars. As mentioned, this is how the game was (and is) sold.


It doesnt include the top gear or hot wheels pack either

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Yep, and also excludes 10 year Anniversary pack and F&F pack. That leaves the 6 you will get - Logitech, eBay, Mobil1, Polo Red, Alpinestars and Meguiar packs.

If OP needs more info on this, read ManteoMax’s thread on FM6 DLC and Editions list under the Discussion tab.


Aight. Thank you for the Information.

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