My Forza 6 Car Pass Expired. I have a silly Question

My Forza 6 Car Pass Expired months ago,
I noticed in the Xbox live Store is says “BUY A COPY” and not “INSTALLED” or “Purchased”

So, Can I Buy ANOTHER Car Pack for the next 6 months of Free Downloads?


No, the Car Pass is for the first 6 months DLC only. The later ones you need to buy separately.

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Thank You,
That’s to Bad, I’d but a new car Pass, but not every car pack, way to expensive.
They’d make a LOT more money allowing a car Pass every 6 months…

BTW, any idea why instead of saying “Installed” or “Purchased” is says “BUY COPY” & allows you to purchase it again??


It shouldnt let you buy it again
Are you signed in properly

if you actually try to buy it(try clicking on ‘‘buy copy’’) it will only lead you to the information that you allready own it…

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