Forza Lounge! Join for Leagues, Endurance racing, Drifiting, We've got it ALL!

Forza Lounge is a place to meet up, join competitive leagues and races or just indulge in all that’s good about Forza!
At least 2 points races will be occurring a week, along with any photo contests, Drift lobbies occurring that week.

Here is the link to our Facebook page: Facebook

All info after the official launch of the page will be held here including:
Races, Point standings, Car/driver roster, new events, discussions etc.

Full info of how we work can be found at the about tab of our page.
Leave Your car #, Gamertag, and events you’d like to take part in as a post on Facebook, OR Send a message to GT: Imtheboss685.

We plan to start with 2 leagues to start:

  1. S800 Class Spec League. More Details at: Redirecting...
    6 weeks
    1st race at Mazda Laguna

  2. Endurance series More Details at: Redirecting...
    6 weeks
    Indy 500
    Daytona 500
    Gt3 endurance
    Vintage touring
    Le mans

We have all our rules and regulations posted on our Facebook about page.
Any questions feel free to message me, leave a comment, whatever works!
We dont plan to start any leagues until beginning of November. You’ve got plenty of time to sign up!

Gamertag: Imtheboss685
Facebook: @ForzaLounge