Forza Hub Stat Calculations


Could anybody please help solve a query I have relating to Forza Hub ‘Days Played’ stats please?

I want to know how it’s calculated; it states I have played for 189 days, so… Is it 189 x 24 hours? Or is it only the days I’ve played it on as a friend suggested? I.e If I play for one hour on one day that’s counted as a day’s play.

I’d be quite surprised if I’d only played it on 189 days out of 5 years, I’m racing even for an hour most days.

Anybody know for sure and can help settle this? I know my counter on the original Grid on 360 ran in days, hours, minutes… Does Forza do the same?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

“Days played” is calculated by the amount of times you log onto the servers to play Forza (solo or multiplayer). You can only rack up 1 day played in a 24 hour period.

Hello! And thanks, that was exactly what I thought. I knew 189 days was an incredibly modest figure if it was indeed literally just the days I had played it.

Thanks again, much appreciated.

You’re welcome.

Even if you log in and start the game but do not play long it counts as 1 day. This resets (I believe) at midnight - so you can play at 11:45 PM and then quit, start up at 12:15 AM and have 2 days played.

It is not a time based calculation. If it displays 189 days it means you have played the game on 189 different days - not a total of 4536 hours.

See I’m struggling to work this one out, I’ve been playing Forza products very regularly for over 5 years. I can think of one period in my life where I would have played virtually all of 189 days over 189 days so that doesn’t ring true. 4536 hours actually seems far more like the figure I would have given myself, knowing how often I’m playing and for how many years.

It’s on for an hour at least maybe 5 days from 7…


Anyone got a definitive answer on this? From experience Grid counts it’s play time in years, months, hours, minutes, seconds. Why wouldn’t you? It’s a timer, after all.

There is no way you have played for 4536 hours on Forza Horizon 2. The average work year is only around 2080 hours (40 hours per week * 52 weeks = 2080 hours per year).

Forza Horizon 2 was released on September 30th, 2014 and it has only been 186 days. This means there is no feasible way for you to have played a total of 4536 hours since the game has not even been out that long.

The figure of 4536 hours would only be feasible if it is a measurement of your days (or time) played not just in Forza Horizon 2 but across all Forza games in the Hub, ie: Forza Motorsprts 2, 3, 4, 5, and Forza Horizon 1 and 2.

Sorry, on re-reading I haven’t been particularly clear on this. Probably compounded by the fact I put this in Forza 2 section as I wasn’t too sure where was appropriate.

Yes, I am talking about all Forza products. I think I did mention that I was tallying up over 5 years? Apologies for the confusion.

I’ve been seeing this too - it looks like it resets at midnight GMT, just as the drivatar payment cycles do.