Forza Horizon Ultimate Edition

…am a latecomer to the Series, so never got that edition in previous version, WHICH I WOULD GLADLY HAVE PAID FOR, IN FACT, I VALUE IT EVEN MORE…, was SO EXCITED to get this version this time around, but i feel like such a fool, thinking that it was going to be an EXCITING road ahead, but i was proved wrong. :disappointed::confused:
Would i feel confident to get this version in the next installment??? …I guess You know the answer to that.

“Seasons Change Everything”
Yeah Right…, Everything for the Worst :sweat:

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Well, that hasn’t been my experience. Yeah, I’ll admit there are some new things that I don’t necessarily care for, but the beauty of Forza Horizon is; if you don’t like a certain aspect, you don’t have to deal with it. You’re not a drifter, then ignore the drift stuff. You’re not a drag racer, then ignore the drag racing.

I also know I’m not the only one playing this game. And some of the things I don’t like may actually be very entertaining to others. I can live with that.

To me, the best part of the Horizon games is the “Open World” environments. If I want to race, I can race, if I want to tune or paint a car, I can. If I just want to cruise around for a bit, I can do that too. To me, there is no pressure in the game, it’s simply the pace I wish to take.

Sure, I can whine about the pink ballerina slippers, or the sound of my favorite car. But the only true drawback I’ve seen so far is the multiplayer. Yes, I can just ignore it, and I have. But, for me, it will determine the longevity of the game.

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I dislike much of Horizon but that never bothered me because I can and did gladly ignore what I don’t like (ie bucket lists//stories, drift/speed zones, danger signs etc). My problem is all of the stuff I did like is gone now. I like testing and tuning cars on open ended class rivals but now I can’t. I like CHOOSING a class to play in online, but now I can’t. I like making my own blueprint championships, but now I can’t. So a lot of the “Open World” you speak of has been taken away. The open world aspect that made Horizon great is gone. I do have high hopes for the route creator however I fear the novelty of that will wear off quickly. The things that would keep me playing H4 for years are gone.

Really great post and articulates what I’ve been thinking while reading the endless threads of tantrums that have taken over this forum. I’m loving the game so far, I think the seasons really add to the experience and freshen things up. It feels different from one week to the next now. Yes, there are things I don’t like - progression seems a little bit too easy this time, and the music isn’t great. I’ve always avoided online as it just doesn’t appeal to me.

But there are literally millions of people playing and enjoying this game, and I understand not everyone will have the same experience as me. Disagreement and discussion is great and it’s always good to get another point of view - people should be free to express if they’re disappointed. But there’s a way to go about it. We seem to have this weird entitlement culture where people think that if they just keep whinging the devs will change the entire game to suit them - despite the fact they are a tiny (albeit vocal) minority out of millions of people. And when they don’t get a personal response they throw their toys out of the pram again.

If some people don’t like it, or choose never too buy another Forza game, that’s a real shame. And I’d love it if, over time, they made little tweaks here and there to improve things for people.

But you can’t please everyone, and it’d be foolish to try. And as someone who also works in a creative industry, if I’d poured years of my life into a project, and people’s idea of feedback was “Urgh, this is the worst, just do it how I like it”, I wouldn’t bother taking part in these forums.