Forza Horizon Rally DLC price

I have loved Forza racing games from Forza 2 onwards and Forza Horizon was a great game. I am wondering however if the Rally DLC will be on discount with Horizon 2 nearby as i’d love to play it but in the UK the price is quite high and it doesn’t quite seem value for money even if it does look amazing. I’m not trying to make it sound like i’m having a right moan but a discount would be great and a nice way to build up to Horizon 2.
If this is planned can someone let me know when or has it even been mentioned at all as I think a lot of people would love to buy it if they haven’t already and as you can actually buy the game for the same price as the DLC surely it would be a sign of putting the DLC price down?

I don’t know about any sale for the Rally Expansion, but the Season Pass price dropped to 20$ and that includes the Rally DLC (plus all the car packs). Sounds like a good deal.

I bought the reduced season pass this morning. Had always had the FM extras, but the FH Season Pass/DLC/Rally pack felt too expensive to me, so I abstained. With the discount though, T10/MS/PG have a bit more money from me so well done! Looking forward to getting the extra achievements, joining the full 1000 club etc that this new purchase will enable. Will keep me busy for the next month, alongside FM5.

As there’s no FH2 LCE, I see little value in getting a disc there, so will be waiting for the digital download to be available. More money on it’s way to the Forza providers, but with the entertainment I’ve had from previous titles, it’s been earned, and I’m happy to pay!