Forza Horizon 5: Let’s iGo! livestreams

Video coming up soon…

Chat disabled… classic


Episode 2
10am Pacific time June 28


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I’m of course excited to hear about the game. But skies? Really? Is there nothing more pertinent or essential to talk about up front here. I’m actually annoyed and makes me feel like there is no substance to talk of then.

The first episode already spent the first 20 minutes talking about twitter reactions and cactus needles. They take their audience for granted.


They have 4 months worth of time to drip feed us new info about the game. They can’t show everything all at once. They will be giving out more information every couple of weeks or so moving forward. They have a schedule that they’ll be working from regarding reveals of things like new game modes, new game features, map reveal, car list reveal, etc.

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Agreed seems like a strange topic to talk about but if we get new footage should be worth our time trying to spot new parts of the map, cars, features, player houses, ect.

On the flip side, it could be 20 minutes of talking over the same E3 footage, hopefully not.

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I dunno 3 had some amazing skies!

but ya probably better stuff to talk about


There’s nothing better to talk about than skies… the skies the limit!

Here we have a brand new Forza Horizon with not a lot of details covered yet and they want to talk about the sky? I don’t know about Playground Games anymore, seriously…

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I’m actually very interested in how Forza Horizon 5 has raised the bar when it comes to lighting. Glad they chose to focus on that.
I would not terribly mind having the choice to enable ray tracing during gameplay as well on PC, hardware permitting.

It’s interesting anyway for artists, we like details. Speaking of which… wish they were talking about the new vinyl editor.

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instead of gigabytes of photos of the sky, I would have preferred they improve the sounds. on FH4, both car sounds and management of sounds of other cars are close to tomb raider 1 level.
When a V12 just passes 10m from you, full speed, you just hear something close to a tesla noise. For me, good sound is much more contributing to immersive aspect than adding super shadow calculation.


It might be possible to improve both the sounds and the visual presentation. It’s not a “this or that” situation" for Playground.

They must be well aware of the feedbacks to improve car sounds.

Where did the YouTube link go?

I will add it myself… Forza Horizon 5: Let’s ¡Go! – Episode 2 - YouTube

The reason why I hate pulling questions from twitch streams

It’s almost always either terrible questions, questions that aren’t relevant to the topic of the stream, or repeats of questions that have already been answered.

Can we stop doing that and have some actual questions? This is why pulling questions from a forum beforehand is so much better. More opportunity to edit the questions down to relevant, unanswered ones, and more opportunity to see what the most popular questions are as opposed to whatever some random who wasn’t really paying attention shouted out.

What a complete waste of the most recent stream’s Q & A section.


Either she does the best she can with those or the questions are canned and they just look at something fitting predecided topics.

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Which button puts the roof up? That’s what I want to knoW!!!


The format allows them to ignore uncomfortable questions while pretending to listen to and respond to the community.

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She pulled questions about engine noises, the map, barn finds and how the weather actually affects gameplay: that’s plenty for serious questions. The dev team is not just going to hand out all the answers 4 months out from release.

It never fails whenever the dev team share something with us people jump to this forum to announce they didn’t get what they want.


The final question about the weather effecting gameplay was good, but asking those guys about engine noises is like asking a painter how to conduct an orchestra. They were all environmental VFX artists. They have nothing to do with sound design.

And seriously, pulling another question about the highway, that had already been answered previously?

I’m not blaming her for the mess, I blame the format. My issue isn’t that I didn’t get what I want, my issues were that all but one of the questions were either stupid or overeagerly asking things of the wrong people.

I don’t really blame people for asking those questions either. I just think that pulling questions from a forum ahead of time is a far more sensible format that can be more rewarding to the viewers.