Forza Horizon 5 high end cars where you live

What are the high end FH5 cars you’ve seen commonly around the area where you live?

I live on The Big Island of Hawaii. I’ve seen a Maserati couldn’t catch up to see the model but it was a two door. A Maserati 4 door.

There’s a house where two older dust covered Ferraris are kept. One is a 512BB and the other is to hidden but it looks older.

A Lamborghini Aventador.

A Lotus Exige.

A New 2023 Corvette, several of these.


A Mercedes SLS.

And the top dog was a real Cobra. Not a kit but an original Shelby AC Cobra with the 289.

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Had a huracan performante pass me yesterday.
Had a matte purple wrap

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I live a few hours south of Scottsdale (Barrett-Jackson), so I do see pretty rare cars on the regular.
New stuff is pretty regular (Lambo, Ferrari, Corvette C-8s)
Older stuff is not quite as common, but far more than where I used to live. Most recently a '67 275 GTB Ferrari. Tons of old muscle as well.

Saw an F8 Tributo the other day.

Most common sight around here is the 2000s era Fairlady Z and the EVO X. Those two cars are tied. I’ve seen a couple of classic 911 80s and 90s era 911s and the is a guy in my building driving a modern 911 turbo. There is also someone who visits often and street parks their challenger. I’ve made a mental note of the driveway were I saw a 65 Mustang parked.

On a route I often travel on weekends, you’ll often see the hotrods, classic muscle, and the occasional imported British classic out on nice days. F-100s, some meticulously restored, others rodded out, are the most common sight from that group.

High end modern fancy stuff is pretty rare around here. Most car people are restoring classics. Go down to the highway though and you’ll see more modern stuff. Lamborghinis are probably the most common in my experience.

Manchester has plenty between the City Centre and the South side since many Utd/City players live over that side, I’ve sat in a McLaren 570S when there was one on display in the centre but my side is erm…different.

Seen a 12C a couple of times outside my local bookies but other than that it’s mostly dealers cars and modified snot boxes, someone on the way to one of my local pubs used to have a Continental outside yet all the houses around there are rented council ones (really not suspicious that…) and the club I practice at for my snooker had a Ghost in the car park one time a few months ago.

A bit further out towards where my parents are I used to always see an El Camino in tip top condition parked in the same place too.

It’s not really a Mecca for desirable cars here though, more Mecca Bingo.

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I drive an '08 Charger SRT8 Super Bee in B5 blue (unfortunately not in FH5 yet :frowning:)

I live in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA and there’s quite a few of the newer cars from FH5. Lots of Corvettes (mostly C8s), Hellcats, Porsches, BMW M4/M3/i8, Maserati GT, etc.

Decent amount of Lamborghinis, mostly Huracan/Urus, a few Audi R8s, a handful of the Lexus LC 500, and a Ferrari here and there (mostly newer models), and recently have seen a couple McLarens. A couple in my neighborhood that I love are the Porsche Taycan Turbo S and the Audi TT RS. Oh, and I did just see a Ford [redacted] Mach-E. :wink:

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There are a few Ferrari 458s running around town. Actually, just Ferraris in general. I’ve seen an F355 and a 250 GT out in the wild as well.

There’s a strip where there is a McLaren dealership, a Ferrari dealership and the areas largest Porsche dealership in one area…

I have seen A McLaren F1, a few P1’s, countless MP4-12C’s, dozens of 570’s and 670’s – one 918 Spyder, a Carrera GT, a LP570-4 Super Trofeo Stradale, countless Gallardo’s Murci’s and Aventador’s, countless 458’s, a few F8’s. I could go on lol

In the last week the most interesting in the wild was a 59 impala restored to stock. It should be in the game at least. I see many of the Lambo / Ferrari / McLarens but the main one that stood was a blacked out McLaren 720 last summer. Middle of the afternoon in traffic and it was 114 out. McLaren AC must work well.

A doxxing thread, nice. I live on Isla Nublar and we regularly have RAM TRXs and Ford Raptors roaming the countryside.

Today’s visions;

  1. A Subaru BRZ fully dressed with fenders, nose, skirts, and the perfect sized spoiler. All in glorious gloss black.

  2. A black SLK 55

  3. A Mustang Saleen white with blue trim

  4. A 2023 Corvette red with yellow trim.

And the cherry on top.

  1. Something around a 32 Coupe of some kind. Sure would be nice to see more of these in the game with more body kit options.

for me it’s the oddities rather than expense, though there’s a correlation

in the UK I’d say the Ford Mustang (there, I typed it) is not common but there are a few round here

Aston Martin and Maserati are strangely common (not noticed wherever else I’ve lived)

an Abarth

TVR Tuscan used to live not too far away, seems to have gone now

saw a P1 GTR, F1 and a couple of 765LTs driving in a convoy a year or so ago, think it coincided with a hypercar rally, also overtook another McLaren on a motorway (twice!) a couple of years ago - no, I was not attempting the impossible or breaking the law, the traffic was slow

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In the city where I live there is a 90s Toyota MR2 SW20 nearby. It desperately needs some TLC. It’s fairly stock and yellow but the paint is in bad shape. And for some reason the front hood is orange/brown.

I know a nice blue Ford Focus RS 2.3 turbo somewhere and there used to be someone with a dark red Mitsubishi 3000GT with a cream leather interior. Other than that I don’t know.

In towns around the area there is a Honda Jazz in full yellow/blue Spoon livery and I regularly see a guy in a modded brown 350Z but it looks very tacky.

I outran Lamborghini Countach once in my Sister’s Chevy Citation. And passed an Aventador in my Jeep Renegade.

Ok, so the Countach was behind me on a tow lane narrow road but that road was Mulholland Dr in California. And the Aventador was stopped at a side street stop sign. But I’ll take what I can get. A victory is a victory!


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Anyway Mad Max didn’t drive a stang, twas a Ford XB Falcon Coupe so there :crazy_face:

Blown away some rides that cost ten times what I spent on mine and my ride was rear wheel only, sweet sweet victory seeing the faces of those that said Wait, what the actual *

If you are wondering what it is, it’s in the game tho it’s better than the one you can drive, I have asked for it to be entered into the game since FH3 but the idea was never answered, shame cause this whips the V8 and is 200 KG’s lighter on the front end. 570kw@ the rear 4 door saloon that eats what FH3, 4 & 5 have to offer.

Using a high end car in sweden where i live would kill the car in days :sweat_smile: our roads are so bad… but a volvo 240 is the closest we get to a high end car here :blush: