Forza Horizon 4 randomly crashing

Hi :smiley: i got some problem about Forza Horizon 4 randomly crashing.

I know there is a thread already up but it’s mostly about RAM and i don’t think my RAM is problem.
Right now what i’ve done is.

1-Re-install windows.
2-Re-install games.
3.Close every apps/software that possibly cause the crash.

And still, It’s crashed (T_T) I don’t really know why since it’s just freeze for 6-7 seconds and then close it self with out any message.

My Specs:
Threadripper 2950x
RAM : 64gb 3200
VGA : RTX2080Ti

Drivers and Windows should be latest.

Thank you.

ps. any one know how to send ticket directly to the dev team? i mean, I don’t see any “Submit the ticket” in the support page. If you can guide me some then i’ll be very appreciated.