Forza Horizon 4 BUGS and glitches to repair

Hello fellow FH4 players (ladies und gentelmans)

Here are some of the most (in my opinion) irritating bugs that appeared in the game or appeared long ago and should be repaired immidiately:

  1. Irritating “clicking” sound in every moment in the game. Whenever you are driving or in a house you can sometimes hear random “clicks”, I assume that it was supposed to be a sound of raising spoilers in some cars (it can be heard properly when spoiler on Rimac is rising or closing) but in rest of the cars it plays randomly or several times, That is starting to drive mi crazy (and other players that have that problem)
    Possible solution: muting this sound completely or removing it form game to prevent further problems

2.Bugged secondary rewards in Forzathon (season 16 rewards). From about 2 months in Forzathon playlist there are season 16 cars available as secondary rewards. Before there were only wheelspins and superwheelspins. That is a bit frustrating, because a lot of players now have a lot of Mclarens 12c or ATS GT from those rewards, but because of that, value of those cars is very low in auction hause.
Possible solution: Bring back wheelspins as secondary rewards or change cars.

3.Weird loading loop bug from latest update (form 24.09.2020). Many players suffered from it and me as well. After latest update there is strange loading loop bug that sometimes affects gameplay very much. That bug is for example when you exit from home you can see the animation of leaving the house several times (from 1 to 2 times). In some cases this bug occurs during driving for some players or when waiting for online adventure. I do not know why it started happening.
Possible solution: Checking game by devs and repairing it.

Just for reminder, I did try to reinstall the game and reset it through Windows applications but nothing worked. It seems that those bugs are visible in the game for many players.

If there is something more you want to tell, please write in the thread. Thank you and have a nice day


Good you tested full reinstall as sometimes it is enough to fix some issues. Thanks for having done that and shared result.

First issue is well known since game release, we have to cope with it, won’t be fixed

Second, they will never consider it as an issue to be solved.

Third point is logged as known issue there
Usually they fix issues generated by an update either patch (already done and failed ) or next update.

They are not reading there unless many many pages on the same subject, and even if this case, they are trying to solve the issue without a single look at the proposed solutions.
The list of things to be fixed is so long, we still have bugs from release day one…

So basically they just “generate” new bug, post it on page and say something like “live with it”?

Sorry for saying that but in that case it is not worth the money for such product.

During Toyota reveal video they said:
“You’he been asking, and we’he benn listening, because in a Forza franchise we’re listening and in Forza franchise we deliver”

Well what about engine sounds then (and lot of not resolved or repaired bugs)?

Shame to see great game becoming bad because of bad quality control for glitches.


You’ve seen by your own eyes the section ‘WONT FIX AND BY DESIGN’. That is what they already stated they won’t touch ever.
The list at the top of the known issues page is what they consider as issues, for sure, it is not covering the list of issues shared on this forum. The gap are issues they simply refuse to consider.

This loop bug and controller bug, I think it will be fixed in next month or month after release. Usually they try to fix what they did bad during an update even if sometimes the fix is not the one you could legitimately expect.

What is related to cars is different. First, we have a moderator on this forum who is interested in this subject. He is in contact with team and he is managing the wish list of cars and I suspect also what is related to car sounds. Additionally, it looks like cars creation is done by some contractors and not handled by the team so that players feedback is pushed to car creators as bugs on their deliveries. As a result we can get things like fix of the color of wheel caps (listed as top priority bug fixed in a recent stream) … while they are unable to fix the filter for winter tyres by just enabling it permanently.

Worth the money. I am split, if you play gamepass, I think it is pretty much worth the money, if you paid 100 bucks plus online subscription, certainly less.

My point of view, FH is too big for being able to provide quality for the money they target to generate from it. They tried to remove some pieces of it with FH4 but cut too big branches (free for all, in a way rivals too).

It’s doublespeak like you get with politicians.

They promised to ban rammers and told us to report them but that appears to have been a PR exercise only. A clip I sent them nearly a month ago has still not been viewed, despite them marking it as solved weeks ago.

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The latest update appears to have fixed the recent bugs.

I’ve just been in the game, done a couple of events and taken photos of the 3 new cars. Everything seems to be working perfectly.

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Not the 30 to 60 minute synching time it has not! I’m on a Scorpio in the UK.

I was thinking really of the most recent problems.

I live in the UK and alternate between an old XBox One and an XBox One X.

Perhaps I’ve been lucky to have never had syncing problems but then I remembered one occasion quite some time ago when syncing took a long time.

Perhaps I was a bit foolish or foolhardy but it didn’t seem right so I ejected the game disc and shut down the console. I took some comfort knowing that there was probably a good save on one of my machines. The following day the console worked fine and I’ve never had any further syncing problems. It worked for me but I’m not offering it as a possible remedy or suggesting that anyone else should try it.


Hi, do you know how tu create an account to play the demo???

Use the account you use here

Hello, I had been enduring the burden of having to live without being able to import designs from Forza Horizon 3 since the Series 29 Update back in early November 2020. I was able to import some of my FH3 designs, and I was planning on importing the rest. But because of this bug, I can’t do that anymore!! I got FH4 for my 30th Birthday, and less than a month later, this happens!! Here’s a YouTube video of mine that shows what’s happening in the “My Designs” screen. I swear to God that if I knew that this was gonna happen, I would’ve imported ALL my FH3 designs into FH4 on the first day I played!!! Now, it’s the day of the Series 33 Update, and yet, the problem is STILL NOT FIXED YET!! I’m really anxious to know what’s going on with this! Has PG made any progress with working on fixing this issue? When is this gonna be finally straightened out?

How 'bout the fact that the spatial audio modes ( Dolby Atmos / DTS:X) sound far worse than standard surround? This drives me absolutely mad.