Forza Horizon 4 Auction house and Clubs greyed out

Hi when I try to go to the auction house its not working it greyed out and so is the clubs section. I am level 61 so all should be unlocked it was earlier and now its not. everything else works except for the game switching my one car out after an event and putting it stock. but that was once.

It’s due to the parental settings on your xbl account. You will need to link your account with a parents and they will be able to open up restrictions.

When I created this account I set it to be an adult account since I’m an adult, I know I used auction house before like 2 days ago and then I noticed this today and my gamerpic changed and wont change back now.

Then you might have inadvertently changed some settings. This happened to my boy and I fixed it by changing these settings. Link: Xbox Support