Forza Horizon 3 multiplayer PC not working.... 2 years later

Is forza horizon 3 ever gonna get its pc servers fixed? I know the game has reached end of life, but we were promised full multiplayer functionality for those that own the game, even after the game reached end of life. As of now, only the xbox version is able to go online. After contacting microsoft about the issue, they said it was out of thier control. Making a ticket on forza support is also useless. is there anything we can do? or did we pay $59 only for it to go down the drain… oh and btw this link specifically states that multiplayer functionality is supposed to be available :


Only way we’re getting this fixed is if someone mods the game to fix it. The devs sure won’t, they don’t care. They see it as an opportunity to get people on FH5 or future titles (that is if they didn’t cause this themselves)

welp looks like they changed the link I posted and it now says “Unfortunately, we no longer actively support Legacy Forza titles. Limited support is still available for matchmaking and leaderboard services; however, access to this functionality is not always guaranteed.”

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