Unable to Join Session

Hi! I’ve been trying to play Forza Horizon 3 on the online modes, but I wont join any session, I already talked to xbox support and we did a lot a different things, like restarting my console, or deleting the game and install it back again, they actually troubleshoot my Xbox live on their end. So yes, I did a lot of things and I’m still not able to join any online session. So I was told by the Xbox Support agent, that here, in this forum, I could get the help I need to play Forza horizon 3 online. Thank you so much, for real.


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I’ve been having the same issue since I moved to Japan, I came from FL where I got the game initially and I could play online without a problem. Now that I’ve been in Japan for 7 months it seems that I cannot connect to multiplayer. I was able to up until a few months ago. It seems to be a problem concerning Forza’s end, all the forums I’ve read say the same thing, its the only logical explanation since all of my other games work for multiplayer including the past Forza’s, only this one has the issue. I’m sure they know of the problem, hopefully they’re working on it, but I have yet to see them post anything that involves solving the problem. This is one of the top games that I play, it just sucks not being able to play online where all the fun is at.