Forza horizon 2 not downloading!

Hi everyone !

So I just recently bought the forza horizon 2 standard edition bundle with the hub app and 10yr anniversary car pack, but the game is not downloading at all…

Does anyone know a fix ? Or should I contact help and support from the game and Xbox itself ? I am really upset cause I really wanted to try the game…I feel like I got scammed 60$ :frowning:

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I bought the game yesterday and I’m going through the same thing as you. I don’t have the answer unfortunately but I hope that someone does have the answer here.

I contacted support about this, they said they had numerous reports about it and that it was a known issue. As for when will it be fixed? Dunno.

Hi everyone,

Yes I am also having problems with the download ie can’t download. Contacted Xbox helpline and they told me about the issue.

Hopefully this will be sorted out soon, and something posted on here.


I purchased the ultimate edition yesterday afternoon, it downloaded all the bonus content and DLC but the actual game itself is nowhere to be seen. After spending over an hour and a half with support the only solution they could come up with is to wait 24 hours and see if it fixes itself. after spending $130 and left empty handed i was very disappointed, i wasn’t even offered any form of compensation. After discovering that other people are also having trouble with this problem i have gotten some closure.

same problem here

Okay, thanks for letting me know! Hopefully they fix it soon! At least i’m not the only one.

well, this is good to know! I was thinking about getting it to tide over till 6… gonna wait till they iron it out…

Very odd that it came out yesterday and i see no word of it anywhere.

I hope you guys can download it very soon

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Just wanted to say I’m in the same boat as all of you.

I purchased the Standard Edition this morning and everything but the main game downloaded. Called Xbox Support and went through a hard reset and sign-out/back in process but no luck. They refunded the game and told me to try again later. I tried again a few hours later and same thing. Had to call in again, and they said they couldn’t fix and just gave me another refund.

Now I’m sitting here waiting for more than $100 to go back into my account :frowning:

Please help us all out and fix this MS/Turn 10!

I just bought the Xbox one standard pack online and the game will not download it doesn’t even show up on the Que the hub will download and the anniversary pack will but not the full game

Hey guys just talked to support and they just refunded me 130$ for the game they said this problem has been going on for a while and they are working hard to fix it so I think I’m just going to buy the disc but ya just call xbox support and ask for a refund

hi I’ve just bought the Forza Horizon 2 standard edition on the Xbox one shop but the game doesn’t come up in my download queue but the DLC does. i tried hard resetting and doing what other people say does anyone have any other suggestions?

Yep, hope it’ll get fixed asap. Just irritated by lack of comments and support from Turn10/MS…

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You’d think for now they’d at least pull these listings from the store. Why allow people to buy a broken product bundle?

If this were the Google Play store or iOS App Store this would have been fixed or pulled within hours.

I got this error but I had the game installed from a while back when I was game sharing with my friend. Even though I have the game installed when I try to go on it, I get a message saying installation Is almost done. Please insert the disk or if you bought a digital download switch to the account that you purchased it on which is the account I am already using :frowning:

hi …
i bought forza horizan2 in xbox one store
but its not downloaded yet !
and when i try to download it
there are two choose
1-bundle only
2-pin to home
and when i choose bundle only there is message " we did not find anything. "
how can i download it ??

So i’m not the only one with this problem… Yesterday the support told me they could fix it in 24hours… Still nothing :frowning:

any new info with this? Are people being able to download yet? Any news?

Nope :frowning:

Still nothing…