Forza Edition Cars

Why does the 2016 Mercedes-AMG C 63 S Coupe Forza Edition cost So much and why is it so hard to find in any specialty Dealer or Forzathon event. It is one of very few I can Not acquire along with the
1998 TVR Cerbera Speed 12. I have Raced many rival Challenges and made some Really Great Contributions such as Tunes And Paint Designs along with some Layer Groups . This is one of the only Games I play Religiously since Forza 3 came out. They could make this more enjoyable and less frustrating if they would release these cars a bit more frequently. I am on this Game on a daily basis and have not been able to acquire them as of yet. This is quit frustrating to the point I just want to quit and find another game.

Look in auction house. Starting in 200k and that is not expensive.

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The tvr cerbera speed 12 hasnt been sent to ANYONE yet


The Mercedes is best found for sale in the elite designs section of the auction house and the tvr cerbera 12 not going to
Be allocated for foreseeable future tbh bout time the remaining fe cars.
Not able to buy be made Available in auction on house

There are a couple of them in the AH, but if you don’t want to use any credits you can get one in the next BH event:

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Within the scope of homologation FE cars are useless. “Factory stock” they are already at their division’s PI limit leaving nothing upgradable, not even the brakes. I suppose at least their extra wide body kits make them look awesome…LOL!

A few of them have been dominating League MP races. The extra CR bump is nice with them, but they definitely are useful only for tighter circuits vs higher speed circuits.