Forza - a road to riches? DLC cost is getting out of hand

I was hoping to start a discussion about pricing for this game…
There are two ways to play the base game, part with $49AU or pay $10.99/mo $4.99/mo (new game pass pc),
Butt… car pass $44.95+ Fortune Island $26.95 + Lego $26.95 +
so far $98.85‬AUD…

Its getting out of hand… Netflix have a lot of viewers why? Because they charge a lot of people a little amount… yet, DLC for Forza Series for the last 10 years at least, has been a considerable cost over the years. I think its time to change the way we pay for games, why not just give the DLC away as part of the game pass… It’s not really worth anything in a tangible sense… its just data… Make money from selling in game junk that doesn’t affect the game play, the bigger the net… the bigger the haul.

I believe it was cheaper this time around, what with the expansions being included with Ultimate Edition. I prefer it this way to the nickel and dime-ing method. That tends to insidiously tally up to a far greater final bill.

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I bought the Ultimate Edition so for me it was a bit different, but if I were to choose right now, I wouldn’t get the whole thing.

The car pass is too expensive. It’s almost the price of the base game and is full of uninteresting cars tbh. I don’t feel like it’s necessary, so if I would buy the game right now, knowing this, I’d never pick the car pass.

The car packs are nice, but again, not really necessary. The most usefull one may be the Formula Drift, and it’s included on car pass so that’s cool.

Lego expansion? Meh. The Fortune Island… I guess I would get that.

And the VIP was pretty usefull at the beggining of the game, with extra credits and Forzathon Points, but now it’s simply useless for me.

At the end of the day, the base game with car pass is all you need to have fun with this game.

You can always wait or go the discount route. I discovered FH4 on Game Pass and after I realized I would never play any of the other games I found a key code at an Amazon affiliate for US$42 and dumped Game pass. I got Fortune Island for US$12 when MS had a sale in March (and I’m glad I waited because I was expecting more with Fortune Island and was a bit disappointed – if I paid full price I’d be way more upset). MS had another sale last week on the Car Pass for US$15 so I grabbed it. I’ll get the Lego DLC but not until there is a sale, which probably won’t be for a few months. So either you pay to be an early adopter or wait until all the hype dies down.

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Ultimate edition was just on sale for the price of the base game and this time around the expansions are included. Can’t get any cheaper than that. Here in Canada we’ve been gouged from the start of this console gen. They raised all games by 10 dollars and Sony upped console prices here by 50 dollars. Not sure why they think we need to suffer but they obviously do.

I’m curious to know if you sign up to XBox Game Pass for PC, whether you can add DLCs to your existing games, either at a discount price or included in the monthly sub.

there is an ultimate upgrade which includes all the stuff included with the ultimate edition but without the game
nowhere near that $98 stated in the OP

I’ve seen standard FH4 edition at 25 euros, just like 28 dollars not later than this morning and it is not the first time. end of this year the expansion pack will be down to 6.99 just iike the previous packs. So unlike netflix price that is raising time after time, FH4 is going down and I guess FH4 way down will be much faster than prevous FH.

And here I was just thinking based on the visual job alone that they could’ve gotten away w charging more here than $19.99 USD (definitely if included multiplayer). Don’t get me wrong, I have a sympathetic ear to this, but you can’t really compre this to Netflix; that is a completely different product/service with very different and more complex demographic targeting. And let’s not forget that theyre here to make money; if there wasn’t a ‘green lining’ to any of this, we’d likely not have the core game to begin with.

Don’t worry, you guys without the entire dlc/expansion deal aren’t missing that much, the car pack was mediocre, i rarelly used any of the cars from there. Infact i do use cars from seasons more often than the ones i paid for, this is the sad reality.

Now in terms of expansions, fortune island was somewhat lacking for me, in terms of cars and money rewards it was decent but thats it. The map was mostly focused in mountain crossing, the bigger portion of the community enjoys road and dirt races, not mountain races.

The lego expansion, in terms of cars it’s just bad. The 3 main lego cars, i do like the mini cooper, it’s only one of the 3 that is actually usefull to a certain extent and doesn’t look ugly. There is a barn car that is also lego but it’s not obtainable yet it seems, need to wait for some update according to the game. Probably another boring car in lego format (it’s another lego car, just not sure what it is yet). The map looks nice, i would dare say this is the best expansion map in any forza horizon game and i have played all of the expansions and dislike legos. The map is small but it has plenty of variety when it comes to locations, which is good. You have the build your own house thing, and honestly it’s getting boring, it looks like fun for 1 hour but then you look at this as a shore to do in game, not something you would enjoy doing in a racing game. Who in their right mind enjoys destroying 500 cubes while roaming around and most of these cubes are placed in awfull places? Please…

Thats the irony… my issue isn’t with the price itself… its the content doesn’t match the pricing. I have all the DLC for FH3… I’ve played them 3 times… each… I have played many of the Forza Motorsport games, and game after game…stuff gets more expensive, and less satisfying. Grand Theft Auto 5 players paid for a game, once, and continued to receive updates, free, (xbox live subscription being the difference between pc and Xbox), yet the game is creaming in the money… why? Shark cards… in game currency… and cosmetic stuff… fresh and new content on a regular basis to keep people coming back… Things like this inhibit the game’s ability to reach a broader audience, look at the new custom lobby in Online Adventure lobby… its impossible to find a match because of they way they set up… there’s just no QA department… no one at Playground games review their own stuff… The prices don’t justify the goods…

For the number of hours of playtime and entertainment, from my perspective the Forza games have a good value proposition even at $100.00 for the ultimate package. You can’t go anywhere or do anything for this long and with videos games of this quality for this total cost. Most people spend far more than this per month just going out to eat.


I just picked up on the Ultimate edition this weekend though it had a nice discount, which was very helpful, and that means I may be a little biased here…

Even so, if I look at all the stuff I got and also the whole atmosphere of the game and how those DLC’s interact with my game then I have to disagree on pricing. I think it’s fairly priced (the normal price) also because I don’t get the impression that the game would try to persuade you to buy into those DLC’s.

And as a few others also mentioned: there are also discount periods!

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Just buy the Ultimate Add-on bundle and you’ll get the car pass + both DLC + VIP…

I actually got it for 25-30 dollars back in December through some deal.

Not sure if this works anymore, but a week ago you could get gamepass for free for up to 3 years, assuming you already are paying for Xbox Live Gold.

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Back in the 90’s PlayStation (PS-1) games were often more expensive than FH4 Standard edition is today. Convert those 90’s PS-1 game prices to today’s currency and I think even FH4 Ultimate edition would be cheaper. What I’m saying is that games are cheaper today if you take into account currency inflation over 22+ years, etc.