[Forza 6] Find a race site

So, I was getting annoyed at the way races are in multiplayer, and while there’s a ton of great clubs out there, finding a quick and easy lobby to just race around in isn’t easy, so I thought I’d create a site to find such a lobby.

As it developed I started adding bits and pieces. There’s an ability to set a race series that people can apply to join, car clubs/clans can add their sites there and people can apply to join, car clubs can set up race series and members can register for it. The sites pretty basic ATM, and I’m hosting it on a free server to see if its worth continuing with in the future (though I’ll probably keep adding to it anyway).

There are some sites out there that offer some of this stuff but they seem not to offer much beyond registering a club and racing with those people. Hopefully people will want to create open race series for the community and not just for set clubs.

The sites in no way meant to compete with established clubs, it hopefully will make it easier for them to attract members/organize races, there’s an option to add a link to a clubs webpage if they have one.

It’s simple enough to use, registrations simple (no complex passwords or verification emails, just sign up and login). Any feedback or additions you think could benefit are totally welcomed.

anyway - Find a forza race