Forza 6 Bugs

The first bug I have noticed is within the crew mods. The base stat upgrades DO NOT work. For example: if you equip the crew mod that adds 3% more horsepower and an additional 4% more horsepower at road Atlanta, at a different track such as Indy, it will show in the menu screen that the base horsepower has increased by 3% as it should. But when you start the race and open the telemetry, you will see it wasn’t applied. I was using the Indy car which has 640hp. With that crew mod on it should of increased to 660 but it did not. The base increases of crew mods are glitches unless you use them at the designated track. Then it will give the base and bonus increase.

The second bug is the drivatars. I did not win 1 race at Indy oval with unbeatable difficulty. I was averaging 38.8 with no boosts on and 38.156 with a 9% hp boost on. Every single race a few of the drivatars posted times ranging from 37.988-38.167. Faster than the world record and still as fast as 6th place. These times are being posted by several of the drivatars. It is literally impossible to win the race with those numbers. Also some of those times are being posted by the same car of which we are give to race. Which tops out at 239. So it’s impossible for those AIs to be running those times unless they are being given mods as well and have a higher top speed. I’m running top ten times frequently so it’s not me. Numbers don’t lie. This needs to be addressed before the final product is out. Both of these issues are huge problems. I’ve been looking to forza 6 since forza 5 came out. If anyone else has noticed these issues, please speak up. I haven’t seen anyone else mention it, but then again they are things most people don’t pay attention to. Telemetry and AI numbers. Let’s help get this issue taken care of before forza 6 is launched and we have to deal with it then.

Day one update!!!

humm… seems like a legit complaint based on the numbers you’ve capture. (i supposed the drivitars could be drafting which would explain going over the 239 top speed.) But like you said - it’s not something I generally pay attention to so didn’t notice.

But I doubt anything will get patched before the game launches Unless they’ve been working on it for a few weeks and already submitted to MS. Based on Project Cars patches, it seems to take more than 3 weeks to get a patch approved and pushed out my Microsoft.

Turn 10 is Microsoft so they likely have QA working beside them so when the patch is done it’s pushed out. Plus slightly mad studios is known for bugs so I’d keep their patches in cert for weeks no matter what.

I’ve also noticed the hot lap times in Rivals are 1 second out, every lap I do I check the timer as I go over the line and the recorded time is all ways +1 second on my time.

I got a friend to check his and the same was happening to his times.

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It’s only like that on the 1 lap rivals to prevent backing up to get a flying start.


Thanks for the reply buddy I didn’t know that.

Yeah I was going to say the same (so I guess i’m saying I agree) . I noticed that my posted times were a sec more than when I crossed the line. I was annoyed at first but then concluded that we are probably looking at the lap time and the game is recording our total time. So close to a sec probably goes by from when we get the green to when we cross the line.

First thing - It’s a demo, so if everything isn’t perfectly worked out, no huge worry there.

Now, to address your specific concerns - The Crew mod that you were using - was it a track specific crew mod by chance?

And Drivatars being faster than you - on Ovals, it’s crazy important to drive really smoothly so that you don’t eat speed in and out of corners. AI can do that REALLY easily. Are you using a controller or a wheel? Also - the (theoretical) top speed of that car isn’t limited just by HP. It’s limited by Aero as well. Is it possible that even the Drivatars get a good draft now and again? I think good players, using a wheel, or correcting / steering really smoothly with a controller, with the car(s) that you noted above - could drive fast enough to set those times. We don’t know until the best players try the actual game, draft correctly, adjust correctly, and set lap times.

All in - I think you noticed some things that are worth noting. But I don’t personally see either of those things as game-breaking, assuming you’ve given us all of the information. And again - it’s a demo.


Duekacer, I ask this not to be a wise guy but so I myself know. What you said about drafting, if I remember correctly, in Forza 5 that would dirty the lap time. If that’s correct is that changed in Forza 6? Sorry if it seems like a wise guy comment but I would legitimately like to know this for my attempts. It would suck chasing an impossible time without drafting.

I’m pretty sure drafting will continue to dirty laps, however drafting and slingshot could account for the race lap times in unbeatable. These obviously don’t need to be clean times when not hot lapping.

Drafting does not dirty the lap time. I was so happy when I found this out, I’ve gone behind the AI for a split second in FM5 and it would dirty my lap. It’s so annoying.

In my experiences so far, drafting WILL dirty your lap time if you’re going fast enough. I had a new personal best lap time going at Rio Full Reverse (free play mode), came upon a lap car on the front stretch, and watched my lap go from clean to dirty right before the start/finish line without contacting anything. I tried to avoid drafting him, but when they’re driving right in the middle of that rather narrow section, it’s pretty hard not to draft. Very frustrating.


I’m using manual with clutch and I’ve noticed that there’s a 4% clutch damage right at the start of a race before I even shift or use the clutch once. I tried doing nothing after launch and also declutching, but the damage is always there.

Not a big deal if it’s in the final game, but not supposed to be there either.

any coment about this? i was thinking that was my mistake when i am using the clutch but may be not! regards…

Clutch seems broken to me. I use a fanatec with six speed shifter. When shifter is in neutral and I’m using manual with clutch. If I depress and release the clutch it grinds…in neutral. Doesn’t make sense. Furthmore if I’m in neutral then without using the clutch slam it into any gear guess what… No grind. The dmamge for clutch wear is seemingly reversed.

Also the force feedback is just wrong. Why is there so much force on the wheel to return to center when standing still. The when rotation is set to 900 in game there is no feel or force on center steering. Then when driving it just gradually gives more force to each lock. It feels like I’m using my old mad catz wheel back on the Nintendo 64.

How did a racing game get released with so many bugs for using a wheel. I gave them the benefit ofbthw doubt with forza five being a release title but come on. Get it together turn ten. Don’t even get me started on not having CPL’s again.


In response to the OP, I also noticed the lap times in the Indy car on unbeatable Drivatar. I must have done that race a dozen times with numerous mods and was never able to get past 4th place. Not a super big issue, since I will never race those cars in the full game, but aggravating still.

One bug I spotted was the driver names and positions were being reflected off of the car hood. This was a problem in Forza 5 too. Kind of breaks the immersion imo.

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I came across a bug, related to the problem of shifting down and the engine seems to stall but one time this happened the rumble on the triggers stopped working and I had to reset the controller to get it back.

When drifting the Formula Drift section at Road Atlanta the car seems to fall through the map at the center of the keyhole. Turn 10 please fix this.

My game randomly stopped applying damage to my car while I had simulation damage on.