Forza 5 VIP not working

Bought the VIP pass more than 6 months ago. But only today i realized it doesn’t work.

Tried all the different pages that “fix” it, but nothing works. Tried buying it again but it won’t let me, as the account says I have it, but the game doesn’t think so.

Can someone help?

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Gotta love the support from T10 on the this issue :slight_smile:

I miss Blizzard support stuff, so often they respond to people who’ve paid for something that doesn’t work, quite hastily.

Email T10; sorry I don’t remember the email add - you can get it from one of the mods.

Contact Xbox Support and explain them what’s happened. Were you able to successfully sync the game the last time you launched it?

Yeah I don’t have any issues syncing the game.

Although I just looked at my Forza rewards page and it showed that I had 2 Forza 5 DLC’s which I didn’t have before. I guess maybe now the VIP is working? I’ll check tonight, if it isn’t I’ll contact support.


Haven’t contacted them yet, not sure if I’ll bother because each time I’ve had issues and sent a mail I never get a response, which is so terrible.

VIP doesn’t work in Forza 5 for me still.

If I didn’t like the gameplay of Forza I wouldn’t ever buy it again because of the terrible support.

have you tried deleting the vip file then reinstalling …maybe it hasnt installed correctly
also try hard resetting your console

It’s nothing like that at all.

Apparently if you have 2 profiles logged in at once and you buy something for a game that another profile owns it charges that profile instead of yours.

So the VIP membership was bought under my wifes account instead of mine, and I can’t access it. I finally spend 2 talking to xbox live online chat about it. Such a terrible situation. Bought VIP I can never use.