forza 4 servers down

For the past 2 days I have been playing Forza 4 and the servers ‘are not available, please try again later’
Anyone else experiencing this?

Yes I have. When it does I try to turn off and on the xbox and it works most of the time.

Was in a drift lobby last night when my xbox froze up. When I restarted and loaded Forza 4 up again, when it tried downloading content it would disconnect me from Xbox Live and say I wouldn’t have my DLC cars available. It kept doing that. I thought for sure my stuff went corrupt and I was gonna lose my cars and credits. But I also noticed my friends list was having issues. Tried to reach the Xbox server status page but it was down. Found an article that said that the Xbox servers were having issues, mainly in the US, noted that the UK servers were still running fine. The article threw suspicion at possibly another attack like back in December.

need to contact turn 10 after many hour talking with xbox support… after seeing forza 4 season pass on game sale bundles and only recently getting the game. found the common marketplace error glitch. so i cant download anything other than the free car packs :frowning:

xbox advisor told me to get a refund i need to contact turn 10 and gave me a support page with nothing but forza 5 on it and no faq link :blush:

i mean i would rathe have the season pass and be able to resolve the marketplace error glitch, but its a pretty long shot someone will know?

however surely i’m liable for a refund, contact with developer for help?

I am in the same boat, bought the SP yet am unable to access marketplace due to marketplace download error. Googled the error and tried the various fixes yet none work. It seems that this error has been known about for a couple of years yet nothing has been done about it. The SP should not be on sale if it is not usable. Luckily I paid via PayPal and I have opened a dispute as I want a refund, hopefully I will get one!!

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Unfortunately I paid via card, xbox support wont take responsibility and said to go to turn 10 support page to contact them, anyone seen I support page or contact page round here cos I certainly aint!

i’m having the marketplace error myself as i must admit i’m a newbie… trouble is i’ve just bought a season pass and still unable to access any downloads through the server :frowning:

If you go to the marketplace on the game, are you able to view/select any cars that are in a particular pack, or does it freeze before that?

It doesn’t freeze on the in-game marketplace. It just cant connect to the server.

failed to download required marketplace data. Please try again later.”

I just want what I paid for or compensation back

The only thing that I can think of that bypassed a marketplace error for me (I do not own the season pass but I’ve gotten the error) is to view the cars in the car pack you want, and then download the pack-only car. Not sure if that’ll work, but it might be worth a shot.

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Finally worked after deleting season pass and re-download in game.

Note to all having this issue, you will have to keep going in and out of career mode, buy cars, select a launch car, press buy, press b to see full marketplace. Download a pack fully in-game, then marketplace error again. Repeat process with all six packs.

What hassle!

It’s a rip off that the Season Pass is even available to purchase when this error exists. If you go on the xbox dashboard marketplace you can see every bit of DLC that is available and you can buy it there, but it also says for the DLC that should be free with the Season Pass that if you buy there you will get charged again. It’s as if the season pass doesn’t even exist.

That sounds awfully inconvenient… But when I have gotten the marketplace error, it’s after purchasing a pack. It doesn’t really affect the game if you avoid the season pass, but it just raises the question of why it happens.

Cheers dude worked a treat! :wink:
Now to find the list of cars in packs…

I never by Forza DLC in game. The marketplace is broken. I’ve bought all DLC from the dashboard. It works perfectly everytime.