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There is no question that our game is growing old - that many players have exited and have moved on, but I know there still has to be active clubs present and still playing - designing - tuning - racing. BIGTIME Muscle can not be the only club that still loves this game. I KNOW there are more. Here is our call out - -

If you are still an active player and belong to an active club - might only be a handful of your members playing - I have started this thread as a place to show us what your club painters design - tell us about what your club still does - take this opportunity to be an ACTIVE member of the game AND Forums. If you are reading this - you are a forum community member !!! Don’t be shy - don’t think what your club does is not important or not ‘big scale’ enough to talk about - Tell us - show us - about your clubs. The forums are another part of this game to enjoy and take part of.

ANYONE wanna show us your club ?? We’ll see what happens…

KoolIROCZ1967 - founder/leader of BIGTIME MUSCLE

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Hello …
Evercool Racing members are still active and racing twice a week. Also still running monthly HLC comps too!

Thanks Evercool ;] What types of racing do you guys do ? Designers in the club ? Tuners ? Give us some details on your monthly races ;]

We started our club on a team approach, no iron fisted dictators etc. All members have say in what we do…this approach has worked well for us!

We take members suggestions for upcoming meets and plan them, adding to calender when details are final…

We run mostly track races in all classes…with special interest guys attacking drag, drift etc.
We host spec racing, series etc…
We set up special meets using various car types,p1,p2, 4 bangers etc…we run monthly hlc comps usially having 3 or 4 classes/ tracks…and a p2p run… mostly for members who can not be available on race nights.but all club guys run these.

On tuners…we have several very good tuners who have helped others to learn set ups etc!
Chief tuner is Reaper Mech,who most know around game! Great guy who has been my go to way before club formed 4 years ago…

On designing… nearly all members design. And we encourage original designs… I dabble in paints a bit from time to time! Lol…nothing like some work i have seen around here! But I have a few I am proud of!

Best part of our club is it’s members…most are friends and have raced together for about 4 years now…

Evercool Racing has web site that we work from…and we are including other racing and non racing titles now…

In closing, I have to say I have met some of the best thru game and forums. Some have become life long friends! And from what I am seeing now…we may very well say F4 is best racing game to date!
Shame all that clubs need are not included in new versions…but our club will continue on and will find other ways to keep active in sim racing…

GREAT, Evercool ;] Thanks for the post and forum support ;]

Any other clubs wanna tell us about yourself ??

Well The Nomads are strong on the later games especially on Horizon./2.
Only came here after buying those games really.and back here for the up and coming Forza6 release rewards to be honest but am enjoying the experience again.
Only formed the club on here to get the achievements as, I have said this game came long after the later ones.
Good to see it is still popular with many though.
Good luck and remember “Keep it on the black stuff”

Thanks, miniw ;] Glad to have you present, at least for the time, on 4. Whatever your reasons, we appreciate your present Forza 4 support ;]